Amateur Radio Station

Member of the V.E.R.O.N. / V.R.Z.A. and AMSAT-NA

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Thank you for visiting my homepage. My name is Jan Smedes and my biggest
hobby is Amateur-Radio. At the moment the main interest goes to the bands
50 MHz, 144 MHz, 432 MHz, 1296 MHz and ATV on 2400 MHz. Working
through the amateur-satellites Fuji-Oscar 20, Fuji-Oscar 29, Oscar 27 and
Oscar 10 is another part of my activities. Most of the contacts I make are
in phone.

Here a picture of my antennas. On the left in the Versa-Tower are the next
4x15 element Cue Dee for 144-146 MHz
4x23 element Cue Dee for 430-440 MHz
25 element Tonna optimized for ATV on 2400 MHz
A vertical polarised Diamond X-5000 for 144-146, 430-440 and 1240-1300 MHz

Near the chimney 4x44 element SHF-Design for 1240-1300 MHz

A view on the antennas in the Versa-Tower from another side.
Stacking distance of the 2m antennas is 4.3 meter horizontal
and 4.0 meter vertical. Stacking distance of the 70cm antennas
is 1.41 meter horizontal and 1.38 meter vertical.
The whole system can elevate for satellite use.
The maximum antenna-height is 20 metser a.s.l.

This is a closer view of my Tonna ATV-receiving antenna.
On the side of the antenna you see a SPC convertor. It converts
the 13cm signal to 23cm. In this way you can use a standard
satellite-tv receiver to watch the ATV pictures.

Here you see my 6 meter antenna. It is a 5 element Vargarda on
8 meter above sealevel. The dish is for TV-satellite reception.

On this picture you see my house and
the antennamast. The picture is captured
from a videotape and token 300 meter away.
This is the reason why it is not too clear.
On the chimney you see the shining 23cm

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