Assigning a Search to a Button

Each online callbook and QSL database accessible via Pathfinder is described by a small file, referred to as a search file. Your copy of Pathfinder maintains its search files in a subfolder named Searches; this subfolder was created and populated when you installed Pathfinder. If you installed Pathfinder in

C:\Program Files\Pathfinder4,

then the searches subfolder is

C:\Program Files\Pathfinder4\Searches.

From time to time, new online callbooks and QSL databases become available. In addition, the location or search parameters for existing online resources sometimes change. You can create or modify your own search files to expand Pathfinder's search capabilities -- see Modifying searches for more information. In addition, you can download search files -- either en masse or individually -- from Pathfinder's Search library as they become available by following these directions.

If a downloaded search file describes a callbook or QSL database that you expect to search frequently, you can assign the search to one of Pathfinder's 12 search buttons via the following steps.

Step Directions
1 Hold down the control key while clicking on the search button to which you want the search assigned; the Pathfinder Search dialog box will be displayed.
2 Click the Load... button in this dialog box; the Select file from which to load search dialog box will be displayed.
3 Change the Look in: pull-down so that the dialog box displays the contents of Pathfinder's Searches subfolder.
4 Click on the downloaded search file you are assigning to the search button, and then click the Open button; the Select file from which to load search dialog box will be closed.
5 Click the OK button in the Pathfinder Search dialog box. The search button you designated in step 1 will now search the online resource described by the downloaded search file.

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