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The Philadelphia Metropolitan Area is divided into four PARA Quadrants. Two of these Quadrants reflect the original two groups that merged to form PARA in 1970;
The Les Voyageurs in the Northwest Quadrant and
The Main Line VHF Society in the Southwest Quadrant.

Each Quadrant has it's own, local area coverage, repeater......
The Northwest Quadrant repeater, located in Quakertown, PA, is WA3IPP/R on 146.880 MHz.
The Northeast Quadrant repeater, located in Feasterville, PA, is K3ZFD/R on 146.970 MHz.
The Southwest Quadrant repeater, located in West Chester, PA, is W3EOC/R on 146.940 MHz.
The Southeast Quadrant repeater, located in Camden, NJ, is W2CAM/R on 146.820 MHz.

Below is a "Quadrant System Map" and links to information on each quadrant repeater.

PARA Quadrant Repeater System Map

PARA Quadrant Repeaters

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Quakertown, PA 146.880 MHz WA3IPP/R - Northwest *

Feasterville, PA 146.970 MHz K3ZFD/R - Northeast *

West Chester, PA 146.940 MHz W3EOC/R - Southwest

Camden, NJ 146.820 MHz W2CAM/R - Southeast *

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