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The "Flagship" of the PARA System is the wide area coverage 146.760 MHz W3PHL Repeater. The main transmitter, located high atop Mount Misery on Valley Forge Mountain, runs 300 watts ERP from 600 feet above mean sea level. The antenna is a Cellwave Super Stationmaster mounted at the top of our 66 foot military communication tower.

There are numerous remote 146.160 MHz receive sites located around the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. These remote receivers are linked to the central voting selector, located in Worcester Township, Montgomery County, PA, via UHF links. The voter has capability for twelve seperate receiver channels. The best received signal is then voted and fed to the Link Communications Repeater Controller.

The output of the Link Controller is fed to a "Transmitter Selector" which directs it to one of three possible transmitters; either the remote transmitter at Valley Forge, the local transmitter at Worcester or the remote transmitter at Eagleville. The remote transmitters are linked to the Worcester site via additional UHF links. The Transmitter Selector is controlled, via the Link Controller, by PARA Control Operators.

The local Worcester transmitter and the remote Eagleville transmitter are back-ups for the main Valley Forge transmitter.

What follows below is a System Map and links to the various parts of the W3PHL/R 146.760 MHz Repeater System.

PARA 146.760 MHz Repeater System Map

Follow these links to...

the HEART of the 146.760 MHz System at...

Worcester, PA

and the additional equipment located at...

Valley Forge, PA

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