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    Be welcome at the photo show site of PA3HFZ - op: Melgert - qth: Beerta - loc: JO33NE

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Of course you're curious to know the kind of qsl card you will receive if you send me a short wave report or make a qso with me and like to get a qsl card ...........

qsl card

And here a photo of my xyl and me some time(about 30 years....hi) ago. As soon as I have a newer photo you will see it here too. So long it stays a surprise what happens during this time.....

And here a recent photo of myself(taken Dec 17,2004)

The Netherlands, you think everybody goes on wooden shoes and there are a lot of mills.... . The mills are still there for preservation and of course for the tourism. The wooden shoes are now for the tourism too. Below a photo of a mill in Finsterwolde about 3 miles from my qth Beerta.........




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