Frank PA3ELB and PH-ASL Click for Original JPG

Frank PA3ELB cockpit N202AS Click for Original JPG

Frank PA3ELB ( now PA1Y )

Pilot in Command / Route planner / Reserve operator

Frank played a considerable role in the preflight briefings and the determination of the track to be followed.

Because he is also an amateur radio operator he had a good understanding of the issues on the ATV flights and therefore we came to a correct solution of the encountered problems.

The first year Frank also added a significant value in the creation of the ( PA3GJE ) website. His profession is creating and building websites. Later on he advised me ( very efficient ) when I was still learning about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more.

Before this all Frank was already active with packet radio and did interesting things with it ( such as connecting the packet radio robot on board the space shuttles ). We had a lot of fine ( packet ) QSO.