AIR / 7


20 May 2001

A/C Registration



From Maastricht-Aachen Airport
via ON6HN QTH Tongeren (B), landing in Hasselt (Kiewit, Belgium) meeting a Belgian HAM and YL, a photo-flight overhead Sittard and at the end
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Position log

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Remark Google Earth Users : Runway 07 does not exist anymore ..

Total Route

Total route

Route overhead Tongeren ( B )

Route overhead Tongeren (B)

Meeting at Hasselt Aerodrome (Kiewit, Belgium) with
Belgian HAM Miguel ON1AJZ and YL

Meeting at Hasselt Aerodrome click for Original JPG

In the afternoon we had an intermediate landing at Hasselt Aerodrome, which has a grass runway. We had a meeting with Miguel ON1AJZ and his YL. We drunk a good cup of coffee, having a nice chat.

In the meanwhile Hugo ON6HN was changing the antenna from vertical to horizontal polarization in his 28 meters high mast.
He was able to do it very fast because of having an elevator in the construction.

Route overhead Sittard

Route overhead Sittard

Some pictures overhead Sittard

Overhead Kollenberg

Overhead Kollenberg click for Original JPG

On the photo above you can see one of my /A QTH ( near the Market ) situated in the upper right corner.

Overhead Kollenberg

Overhead Kollenberg click for Original JPG

Overhead city center

Market Sittard. In the upper right corner the QTH of PA0DSZ, in those times a well known ATV amateur radio station.

Below a link to SittyWeb, concerning a few WebCams on Market Sittard ( former and second QTH ). Click Here

Overhead City Center

A few AIR pictures, 'all photographed by Leon', click Here


Overhead Elsloo

Remark : this way of photographing is not easy in a smaller plane with unexpected movements ( sometimes even violent ) and a small camera. Also these photographs were made through the windows of the airplane. The door was closed during this flights. Such a window is never 100% transparent, not ideal to photograph. To photograph slantingly through a window : the angle between camera and window can be frequently no 0 or 180 degrees. The thick and fairly untransparent plexiglass delivers bad pictures.

Other people did try also it in the fixed conviction that it would succeed however. Unfortunately it produced only splendid artistic creations ( in most of the cases ).























PH-ASL had a crash, unfortunately. Three people died.

Before that accident PH-SDB had also been involved in an accident which concerned ( successfully ) landing in a pasture.