The Transmitter/Receiver PRC-2000 is a versatile microprocessor controlled, high frequency ( HF ) telecommunication transceiver for use in tactical field operations. Within the 1.6 Mhz to 30 Mhz HF frequency band , the transceiver can operate on any of 284.000 cannels spaced at 100Hz intervals, to provide single side band LSB/USB voice or data communication, or continuous wave CW Morse communication. In addition to manual channel selection, frequency and mode data for up to 10 channels can be preset in non-volatile memory for immediate recall as necessary.

Design and performance data:

Frequency range:                    1.6 - 30 Mhz, in 284.000 channels in 100 Hz steps

Preset channels:                      10

Mode:                                    USB / LSB / CW / DATA

Intercom:                                Intercom facilities between Audio 1 and Audio 2 connectors

Antennas                                2.4 m whip, 3.6 m vehicle whip, dipole 1/4 and 3/4 wave long wire

Antenna tuning                        Fully automatic

Output                                    High 20 watts,  Low 4 watts

Options:                                  Amplifier, Solar and Hand generator

Below you can see my PRC-2000 fitted on the RT-3600 VHF radio equipment.

koo36.jpg (90408 bytes)               koo33.jpg (89413 bytes)           koo6.jpg (95802 bytes)