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........ One of My Hobbies is: ........

...Working HAMRADIO especially OSCAR satellites and PACKET RADIO... The packet programs I use are Winpack from Roger G4IDE and Sally from Ted G8NPF. On page 3 of this website you will find the links...

......... One of My former Hobbies was: .........

...FLYING....The following pictures are made in Netherlands Antilles in 1953... I was flying the FIREFLY mk.I from the HATO airfield on the isle of CURACAO.... and FIREFLIES mk.IV and mk.V from BURUKU airfield on the isle of 1959/1960

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73 de COR


My name is Cor, I am living in a small village in the North Western part of the Netherlands called Anna Paulowna about 80 km. north of Amsterdam

I was born in 1928. After school in 1948 I became a Wireless Operator, joined the navy and was enlisted as a Flight Radio Operator.

Two years later I was selected for pilot training and received my wings as pilot in 1952

The next two pictures were made on the isle of Curacao where I was trained as a fighter pilot in 1953

Below standing on the wing of a Firefly mk.I

Loading 20 mm. ammunition for air to air gunnery practice

After flying in the West Indies and the Netherlands I was sent out to Dutch New Guinea in early 1959. From mid 1955 untill end of 1957 I was an instructor-pilot at the Royal Netherlands Airforce Flying school in Gilze-Rijen. Here I flew the North American Harvard IIb

Below you see me in a Firefly mk.IV at the Buruku airstrip on the isle of Biak

The Buruku airstrip at Biak. Hangar and tower in the background

The firefly mk.IV 008 made ready for gunnery and rocket firing practice

About ready for engine start-up and taxy out

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