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"En route" in 1999
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It was not possible to execute my wish to go to an other Pacific Island which I had not visited yet. However at short notice it was possible to book flights to Western Samoa. The good news was that my XYL Ria joined me on this trip.
Our flight schedule was as follows:
Amsterdam-London, United Airlines, UA 4845 27 Sep 1999 ;London-Los Angeles United Airlines UA 935, Los Angeles-Apia, AIR NEW ZEALAND NZ 57 and arrival on Samoa on 28 Sep at 05.35 hrs(local). The antenna was put up inmediately...


Some statistics:


Number of QSO's

First QSO

Last QSO



W0JEE 28 Sep 21.38 GMT

AD6C 11 Oct 02.11 GMT



JH0INP 29 Sep 23.41 GMT

DS5USH 11 Oct 03.10 GMT



HZ1AB 29 Sep 13.59 GMT

AH8LG 10 Oct 04.39 GMT



FK8HC 30 Sep 07.06 GMT

JA4IHI 9 Oct 02.46 GMT



JA5TX 30 Sep 08.20 GMT

JA5FP 30 Sep 08.33 GMT

or by band :

band 40 30 20 17 15 12 10
number of qso's 177 27 2544 16 1072 295 1574

The plan was to be QRV in ssb/cw/rtty/psk31 and hell. I think I was able to keep to this plan as shown from the cluster reports.

It was nice to have regular contact with the T31-expedition. It appeared really to be hard 'work' to be QRV from there....as can be heard from this recording made on October 4th... I was amazed by the exceptional operator skills of these guys...

Another DX-pedition during my stay on 5W-land was the German A35/ZK2 DX pedition. Nice guys...

I was pleased to give A41LZ a round of 5 bands in one go.....

QRV with CW, using K1EA software

My sincere compliments to the JA hams. The rumour about Europe is TRUE !!!! This really made me 'sick' from time to time.....An idea of the pile-up is shown in this recording.

The Samoan Village Resort is really a nice place to operate from....Ria and I thank you all, John, Toi, Melle and Koreti......

OCTOBER 10TH (LOCAL !!) WAS THE FINAL DAY. The travel back to Los Angeles was pleasant (Apia-Los Angeles AIR NEW ZEALAND NZ 56 Depart 10 October 1999 23.40 hrs(local); we could have a little sleep and dream ...

but also the first work was done in the LA Airport Hilton (typing the paper log into the computer)

And when a ham is in LA, he/she should not forget to pay a visit to the nice people of Ham Radio Outlet in Anaheim. It is just a 40 minutes drive. Nice to meet there some experienced DX-ers like Bill,W1HIJ/6. I could not resist to take an ICOM IC 706MIIG,

a new lightweight power supply and some little goodies from there... It was a pitty that we had already so much luggage.. a semiconductor amplifier will be mine upon my next visit... After a tour to see the homes of the wealthy in Hollywood it was time to go back to cold and wet PA0.
The arrival on Amsterdam Airport Schiphol was on 15 October10.30hrs (local).
Coming home I found a very nice surprise : a donation of the German DX Foundation!!!

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If you can not find your call, do not hesitate to contact me, as all data had to be entered after my activity from the paper log.


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