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Ham Radio

Started in 1976 with the novice licence, callsign: PD0AOZ
In 1978 I passed for the technician exam (C-licence), callsign: PE1BRT
And in 1979 I passed the CW test (A-licence), callsign: PA3AQL
Member of the Dutch Amateur Radio Club "VERON" and Benelux QRP Club.
Webmaster of the 'HelleMonster' homepage (a CW Magazine) and of a local division of the VERON.
Most of the time I use CW.



My second hobby is Photography.

During the periode as a sailor, I learned all about photography. I made lots of pictures in all the harbours were the ship came. Developed and print the pictures myself.
Now I changed to digital photography and make pictures of manny subjects.




I also like to Walk and cycle in country site using my GPS Etrex from Garmin to navigate. It brings me to unknown and beautiful places.

Some times I do Geocaching.


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