Back to the old days
When people did run barefoot in the snow
and they only had regenerative receivers!

December 17, 2002, 0640 - 0740 GMT.
I never listen so early and was curious how the activity was at this time of the day. Well, operating the receiver was very pleasant, heard a lot of stations, more than expected! Could not identify all the calls as there were many long QSO's without that the stations mentioned there calls very often.
80 meter:
F3BG (weak, much interference)
F6AAS (strong, some interference)
EA5ONI (weak, no interference)
DK0PIG (good, no interference)
G3IGC (good, no interference)
F5TGZ (strong, no interference)
OZ1EDC (strong, no interference)
DK0WCY (strong, no interference) Beacon
ON5FL (good, no interference)
40 meter:
I5ZGQ (strong, some interference)
HA9SD (strong, interference)
S52KA (strong, interference)
I0CPR (good, much interference)
OK2SFO (good, no interference)
OK1AY (good, interference)
SM0EJR (good, no interference)
OM8AA (strong, some interference)
SP1DTG (strong, interference)
S58MU (strong, interference)
SM5AD (very strong, interference)
DL5WW (very strong, much interference)
LY2KW (good, interference)
UR5WIV (good, some interference)
30 meter:
SP5BWO (good, no interference)
F5UKL (good, interference)
SP2AJO (good, some interference)
S57MZG (good, some interference)
20 meter:
EW6AC (good, no interference)
EA5BQS (good, interference)
OH6MM (strong, some interference)
RV9AA (weak, no interference)
ONA2DS (very strong, some interference)

Barefoot in the snow in a beautiful winterlandscape.
Without any radio interference!

December 18, 2002, 0645 - 0745 GMT.
A lot of stations could be heard, listened quite a while to some nice QSO's.
80 meter:
OK1AY (good, no interference)
OK1IF (weak, no interference)
F6HUD (good, no interference)
DJ2QV (strong, no interference)
SM3CKD (good, no interference)
SM0BHT (strong, no interference)
And some nice other QSO's
40 meter:
EA6/DF9NQ (good, interference)
SM0CCE (strong, no interference)
F5UTE (good, no interference)
S57VW (good, no interference)
IK1RLI (very strong, no interference)
And some nice other QSO's
30 meter:
YU1BM (weak, some interference)
EA5GNI (weak, some interference)
I8SAT (good, some interference)
T99C (weak, interference)
OE5WL (strong, interference)
20 meter:
ES2JJ (strong, interference)
OH5HO (strong, interference)
EA3KO (strong, no interference) in SSB
UU7JX (strong, no interference) in SSB
ONA2DS (strong, no interference)

The fresh snow was very soft but also very cold!
But do not go barefoot in the snow when it is colder than -3C to -4C (26F)!