In my freetime I like to do experiments with very weak radiosignals. That means that I always try hard to get the best out of receivers and antennas!

Also radiopropagation related to natural phenomena, such as northern lights (aurora borealis) and meteorschowers have my great interest. You mostly can find me trying to reflect radio-signals off the moonsurface and picking up reflections of radiowaves against meteors or aurora's. Frequently aurora's have found to be visible here in Leiden city, after tracing a strong radio-aurora. This way my friends and neighbours have had unexpected benefits of my hobby!

These activities are all employed in the 144 MHz amateurradio band.
All equipment is being home-built and below you find some details of it.

Home made rig for 144 MHz, with DDS (design: PA3BIY)


Power amplifier with GS35b


10 element Yagi, 2.6 WL and 10 GHz transvertor/dish (48 cm)


This is my second antenna, which I mount in my backgarden only in special weekends.
For the moment I have only window 210-290 deg. at 10-30 deg. elevation. 
It is a 32JXX2, a 16 element X-pol yagi of 5 WL.


Some details of the 32JXX2.