Subject: NET NOTES 20 June 1999
From:     K1RQG 
         Sunday 20 June 12:24:21 -0500 (EST)

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Subj: 10GHz eme 19 June 1999 21-2200gmt Date: 6/19/99 6:13:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time From: Charles Suckling, G3WDG To: [email protected] Dear Joe We were qrv listeneing to the nl skeds tonight but did not hear any of the sked stations. We did hear a new station believed to be IW4ZTJ at T to M copy. Pretty sure of the call but might have made a mistake. Has anyone heard of them? They were echo testing a lot so must have a system that allows them to hear their own echoes. We called them but only got qrz at one stage an M report, but never copied our own call. 73 Charlie G3WDG Subj: still under const. Date: 6/19/99 7:33:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time From: Fortunato Bonnici, 9H1ES To: [email protected] HELLO JOE, I am still working in my eme new system. I managed to obtains the original psu for the 10 ghz twt. now I have 27 watts from my calculation but ? on swr. now I am getting things together. and hopefully be back on eme very soon. best regards Fortunato 9H1ES. Subj: Re: NET NOTES JUN 19, 1999 Date: 6/20/99 4:13:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time From: Peter Sundberg, SM2CEW To: [email protected] Hi Joe, Was QRV on 432 on Saturday 19 th, worked the following stations: DL4KG, G4RGK, OE3JPC, W7CNK, DL9NDD, RW1AW #358 and G3LTF. Listened briefly on 1296 and heard W1ZX working Pop, K5JL with good signals. Congrats to Wille for getting the station going on 1296 ! I will be on 1296 tonight from about 1700 Z. 73 de Peter/SM2CEW Subj: Input for NET NOTES JUN 20, 1999 Date: 6/20/99 12:04:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time From: Melum, Mike AL7OB To: [email protected] Joe, When the band goes sour for everyone else, then I can get in! Hi WX might prevent activity today, wind and rain. Rain increased my reflected from 6 watts to over 100 Watts. Pretty pathetic results from yesterday, here they are: EME Skeds for JUN 19 DK3WG NIL WE2Y Heard nothing, John heard me "M" W7QX Signals detectable, not readable, Jerry heard me 339 VE1ALQ Strong first period, QSO interrupted by high noise level, wind and rain; he copied me 439. HP3XUG NIL VK4AFL Signal detectable sent "T" couple periods, same situation at Trevor's end, sent "T" also. Only sked today is EA3DXU, will arrange more if WX improves. See you next week. Mike, AL7OB Subj: G4DZU Date: 6/20/99 6:44:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time From: Doug Parker,G4DZU Reply-to: [email protected] To: [email protected] Hello, Could you please mention on the EME net that I've blown the cob webs out of the station and I'm now QRV on 23CMs again. Had a couple of random contacts with K5JL and HB9BBD. Had to cancel the sked with K3HZO as the dish controller had the relay contacts welded together. However I managed to repair it and was on at the K3HZO sked time just in case my message didn't get through to Harry. But nothing heard just my echoes. I will be QRV on random in the next SW 73s Doug G4DZU W1ZX/M: worked 4 stations last night, KB2AH, K5JL, W2UHI, W6HD.. will be on 23cm for next couple sked weekends.. will be on tonight depending on wx.. has a couple skeds of on .065 with W5LUA & VE1ALQ .. 2030 & 2100 ... KD4LT: not too much.. been on Vacation in Co.. WX not too good. 23cm dish drives are not working.. has a new 70cm preamp to try out.. may be back on 70cm today.. W2UHI: also worked W1ZX on 23cm.. comments regarding how sharp a 32' dish is on 23cm on the Moon.. activity was not to high.. 10ghz antenna now mounted on the tower with waveguide all terminated... may get on 23cm this afternoon.. worked 4 or 5 on 23cm and gave it up.. VE1ALQ: did work VE4MA on 5.7ghz on Saturday with good signals.. was on 23cm and missed W1ZX... not many signals on the moon. W5AA: VARO... K5JL: No JAs .. just NL7F... had a mental malfunction yesterday on the dish drive... W0RAP: nothing to report.. have been recuperating from medical problems.. WA8WZG: nothing happenning yesterday.. will be on 23cm today for about 3 hours.. W7CNK: not much going on.. EA3DXU sked was heard during four sequences.. worked SM2CEW .. working on 5.7ghz gear.. did not hear from HP3XUG... KA0RYT: missed RW1AW sked.. qrv on 70cm .. raining .. needs resked with RW1AW.. ******** KL7HFQ: Was not on net yesterday.. has access to 1.6 to 3.2 ghz LNAs.. was at a crew race yesterday... there was a sked with W5ZN, Roger was not there, but has already worked Joel.. WA9FWD: still using tin can feeds.. needs to upgrade.. may try rectangular feeds.. had a couple of skeds yesterday, but no go.. low activity on 23cm.. VE4MA: did not get on last night.. HB9BBD: all is fine.. was on Friday and Saturday.. good fun with K5JL (539) just running 3 watts.. will be QRV tonight.. G0NDQ: SM2CEW: not much .. was on 70cm.. heavy winds, will be on 23cm today.. W7QX: nothing to report.. a lot of one way condx on 70cm EME.. will be on 70cm after 2030z.. needs 12BY7 ... solar flux down a bit.. 13.8 sun noise.. W5LUA: doing some tower work .. will be on 23cm with W1ZX.. new email address [email protected] @@@@@@@ KA1BC/M: on way.. AL7OB: wx is not too good.. has one sked with EA3DXU.. but beware that wx is bad.. CT1DMK/CU7: no traffic... will be new country on 432 and above.. will be stations on in a year or so.. will let us all know when activity starts from CU7.. DL9KR: nothing to much.. 3V8AA is postponed to next year.. 9H1PA is not on 70cm .. was on last night .. heard W7HAH calling DJ3FI but FI not there.. #716 JA6AHB from new location.. W7HAH had good signal.. VE7BQH: 12:14 PM 6/20/99 NET ENDS