My Shacks over the years

I decided to add a Shack Section as well, as it gives a nice overview
of nearly 50 years of HAM Radio hobby.  From a time when I had no income
and everything had to be built by myself, until the time that I enjoy my
pension and can afford myself to acquire new rigs....

The Shack
1971 - 1981

The first shack was my bedroom. Just started working for KLM (1976).

My first occupation was Engineeer for Environmental Control Systems. Pneumatics, Airco, Pressurization, Anti Ice, Startting. Later also Fuel.

In total 9 years

My radio years already started when I was around 12 years old. Listening on a small Japanese transistor radio to the English Off Shore radio stations (Radio One). In 1967 that stopped, but in The Netherlands we had Radio Veronica and Radio Noordzee (RNI) from boats 4 km off the coast. I listened in my first Shack: my bedroom.

After 'experiments' on 1620 kHz (AM) and 103.5 MHz (FM), I obtained the C-license in 1974.

Shack complete 1978

See the Antenna Section. After the mast failed, I reduced the length by 2 meters, see the picture here on the right. I lived at the most eastern part of Haarlem, the appartment building had four floors.

up front

The transmitter is still in a box in my current shack. It mixed the 3rd harmonic of a Xtal with a VFO to obtain 144 - 146 for transmitting.
The Receiver was a print by Wolfert Electronics that converted 2 meters to 1500 kHz. Then the pc board of my first transistor radio acted as AM receiver. With a TBA120S, FM detection was obtained.

PA0SNY in iction 1978
During a contest. FM - single operator. Indeed, I was just single at that moment.
Antenna mast repaired 1978
1981 - 1993

Our first real house was in Vijfhuizen, a village close to Haarlem.

In 1985 I was appointed Type Project Engineer (TPE).

The "Type" was Boeing 747, later 747-400
Then 737 NG

And finally the Airbus A330.

In total 32 years.

See the Aeronautical Mobile page!
In 1982, with Nella pregnant of our first QRP, I took exam for CW, so was allowed to HF bands as well.
Shack PA0SNY Mient 5Hz

The shack was on the attic, where a dormer gave a view of the surroundings.
Antenna's for VHF/UHF were kept simple. In due time a V2000 was acquired and that one is still in use. For HF a wire was used of about 25 meters, fed on the end with the homebrew tuner. Counterpoise... was the plumbing of the Central Heating system. Has always worked fine.... with some RFI with the neighbours. Audio and tv's were more sensitive in those days

Active HAM PA0SNY 1987

Yes! Here with me. The equipment in the shack consisted of two real purchases, the rest was obtained in a cheaper way. The FT-227RA was already acquired in 1979, the KENWOOD R-1000 in the early 80's. The YAESU FT-200 came from a previous crew member of PI9KLM.
There are 2 MARC sets: legal equipment with 4 Watt and 22 channels for 27 MHz FM. PA2HKR (HB9CVG) and PA2REH had modified such a set to 10 meters. One of the two has also a transverter from 10 meters to 70 cm.
1993 - 2013

Years at KLM were for the support of the Boeing 747, Boeing 737NG and the Airbus A330 operation.

 Many days were spent in Toulouse as of 2003. Many A330-200 and -300 aircraft were accepted there.

In 1993 we moved to a bigger house in the same village Vijfhuizen. With more room for a shack. But with two boys growing up, I started with a small room. Indeed: Could not find ANY photo. With the elder son moving out, I had a greater shack. And only 2 photo's.

Shack 2011

The equipment you see here can also be found on the Equipment page. In 2005 the Kenwoods TS- and R-820, as well as the AT-200 and SP-820 were inherited. In 2008 I purchased my first new HF (+6+2+70) set, the FT-897D

first test with dipole

In the windowsill of the shack is the Zetagi SWR meter, and the MFJ-941D antenna tuner. The chicken ladder (open feed line) enters the shack via the window, so it was just put experimentally in place here. The MFJ has a balanced output and is an ideal tuner for my purpose.

This dipole, in fact a doublet of 2x 13m65 has been my best HF antenna, and I foresee that on our current location, such antenna will see daylight as well.
2013 - now

In 2015 I trained again for the 747-400 and managed the acceptance of PH-BFV in Xiamen, China


Last project was 3x A330 Heavy Maintenance, also in Xiamen in 2016 and 2017.

As always with Aeronautical Mobile activities

As the ICOM IC-7300 has replaced the TS-820S and the R-820S, I add this picture of the Shack 2021. The FRG-7700 will be removed as well...

Shack PA0SNY in Haarlem 2021

The shack as it exists, photo made in March 2021.
I have promised myself to revise this photo whenever the Shack changes.

But that is the big issue of a website: making it is one thing, keeping it up to date requires much more discipline. I hope that I can keep that promise to myself!


A set like this creates free space in the Shack. But like all other sets: you need a proper antenna in combination with good conditions...

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