So you didn't want to write me an e-Mail??

You could have several good reasons:

  1. You don't know what to write to me? (I can accept that)

  2. You did like to write an e-Mail, but than nr 1. is coming up. (Can accept that to)

But in the mean time I had vistors on my web side, but who are they and what was there reason for being there?? How did they like my web-side

Never got any answer from all the visitors, perhaps you would be so kind and nail me down if you don't like my appearence in the WWW or chear me up if you liked it.

Yes I did like to mail you know.

No I still don't want to mail you, but will remain your friend, now take me back to your home page.

Tnx for reading 73 back to home page pa0jed