Aruba Contesters. This picture was taken after dinner around 03z after the contest.
From left to right, P40J, P40E, P43E, P40Q, P40W and P43P.
When this picture was taken I was up for more than 55 hours. The secret?
Very simple. I never shut my eyes! Drug free - just will power!

P40E New Claimed SA Record

Call: P40E Operator(s): CT1BOH
Station: P43P Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Aruba Operating Time (hrs): 48 Radios: SO2R
Band QSOs Zones Countries
160: 249  15    34
80:   735  21    70
40: 1496  30  107
20: 1279  33  117
15: 1662  32  126
10: 1741  32  114
Total: 7162  163  568

Total Score = 15,554,949

 Many thanks to Jacky P43P, Marilyn, Stephanie, Alexandra and Francie
for being such terrific hosts and put up with me for one week.

Many thanks also and a big 88 to Emily P43E for all the support.

Many thanks to Force 12 and Tom N6BT. The custom made 80 meter vertical
played really well, as well as all the other antennas, all Force 12. We take no other at this location!

Not the best condition all around with HF bands closing very early, and very noisy 80/160 both nights.
Still so many dxpeditions around made two radio super fun this time.
So many unanswered CQ Calls and little activity in this part of the world between
Europe Sunrise (08:30z-10:30z)and Aruba Sunrise makes one wonder what the score could climb
if the pile-up would keep going during those 4 hours

CU in a Contest 73 Josť Nunes CT1BOH/P40E