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OZ9CQ &  5P6M former  OZ9ABX


My present rig
is a Yaesu FT-950 with 100 watt from 160 through 6 meters - and a Yaesu FT-290 with 2,5 watt and a small linear on 2 meters.

    is a 5 elemnet Yagi 6 meters, a 3 band (10, 15 & 20 m.) rotary dipole for HF and a vertical for 2 meters.


CQ Contest and DX Group
EDR - Kreds 5

Allow me to introduce myself, as You can see my callsign is OZ9CQ,
my name is
Kim Sørensen.

I started out with CB radio back in the late 70´ties. I got my first hamradio licence in 1991 as OZ9ABX. In the following years I upgraded my licence ending with a full (A) license, and I changed call to OZ9CQ in 1998.

My main interests are 50 MHz and Contesting. Usually with the EDR OZ7EDR from the HQ, the local EDR branch OZ3FYN or the CQ Contest & DX Group OZ7CQ.

A recording of 8R1DB on CW by LA7DFA in JP33uc.
Signals were faint but easy to read using 100Hz DSP.
Equipment: TS-2000, 4 ele yagi. Sorry for the poor video quality, but this was my O'dx on 6M from home :-)


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