When I´m QRV on Six, I have only a few possibilities, as where I live, we have antenna restrictions - only use of cable for BC and TV.

    So if I have to be QRV I have to rely on the club, friends or "portable" operation.

    So I have been QRV from OZ1ANA, OZ4CQ and from OZ6CQ´s stations.
    As well form our local branch of EDR - OZ3FYN / OZ5V, both as such and with personal call.

    During the last solar cycle peak, mostly from my vehicle, with a 5 element Yagi up four or eight meter´s (mostly only four meters - as support wires then not are needed)


Rig used on 50 MHz is usually an IC-706 Mk I, which is performing well at 50 MHz and it have given quite satisfactory results in both DX´ing and Contesting with its 100 watt output.

As shown on the picture, the radio is mounted on the dashboard in my vehicle.

The cabin acts as radio shack under these operations.

    My contest QTH is at Trebjerg 128 m.asl. Trebjerg is situated in the southern part of the island of Fyn, north of the city of Fåborg. The WW locator is JO 55 CE.

    From here I have a clear horizon except to the north-east. Especially the southern directions are fine with a water front to the south-west and west.

    Normally I have a range of at least 500 Km. with my 100 watt and the 2 * 5 element yagis, I use during Contesting.

    Thanks to the Forest Agency and Farmer Henrik Skaaning for permission to use the site.

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