Behind the call OZ6OM, You find O. Bjørn Madsen with the handle "Matt".

The 1970´s.

My interest in radio communication started back in 1978, when I served the armed forces as an lance corporal and later as petty officer (-2001).

Later same year I learned about CB radio where I met an operator, now OZDR 2211 who introduced me to Short Wave Listening. In 1979 I got my SWL code OZDR 2159.

Membership of EDR, 1979.

The 1980´s.

Membership of EDR Odense branch, 1981.

After a few years of SWL I was initially licensed in 1982 as OZ1IZB, upgraded in 1983 and 1984. I was licensed as G0DJJ in 1984, with latest activity in 1989.

Build my first 50 MHz transverter in 1986, a PW-Meon.

The 1990´s.

Bought the vanity call OZ7M for contest use in 1995 (where I´m the 4 th. holder, but call have not been active since before 1970).

Very contest active especially on 432 MHz as OZ7M, winner of the NAC single operator section 1997.

The 2nd. Millennium.

And finally I have got a very special call OZ50MHZ in June 2005 - I´m active with both OZ6OM and OZ50MHZ (both calls I´m the sole holder of).


My interests in amateurradio have a very wide range, from DX´ing on Shortwave over constructing to Contesting - especially on VHF/UHF.

During my time with Amateur radio I have always been a member of EDR, the Danish representative in IRAU.

I´m a member of the local branch of EDR as well. Here I have been member of the board form 1983 up to 1998, serving as chairman the latest years.

Over various periods I have been a member of EDR´s board of representatives and over two longer periods I have serve as one of EDR´s accountants.

I have been a EDR VHF commetee member and VHF Fieldday manager from 2000 to 2003.

I am a registered EDR lectureholder, (since 1991) with the subject; 50 MHz, ConDX and how to get started.

In 1998, I was co-founder and now former board member of EDR Vestfyn Branch - OZ5VF, situated on the west side of the Island of Fyn. As a new branch there is high hopes for servicing the EDR members of this part of the Island.

Further I´m a proud member of CQ Contest & DX Group - OZ7CQ. (1998)

The photo above, is taken at the EDR Branch of Odense - OZ3FYN.
in 2005 by OZ1ETP Lars.

Latest updated November 10 th. 2012