OZ6GH - 1968
My station anno 1968


Missing issues in my collection


Gorm Born in 1947.
Licensed radio amateur from 1965.
I am primary QRV on HF with SSB + digital modes and  packet on VHF and UHF.


Station OZ6GH:

When I'm working HF I use a Kenwood TS-950SDX and a Heathkit SB-230 PA. On VHF/UHF I use a Yaesu FT-8000R.
My TNCs are Kantronics KAM Plus, HAL P38 and SCS PTC-II Pro. So I can work all digital modes either with the TNCs and/or the soundcard in my computer.
I'm also able to receive weather satellites on the 137 MHz band using a RX1 receiver from Remote Imaging Group and WXtoImg software.
The antennas are:
HF:  Butternut 10 band vertical, TE-33 - 3 elem. 3 band beam and G5RV wire antenna,
VHF/UHF:  2x8 elem. 2m cross yagi, dual band vertical and 70 cm GP.

For reception of LEO satellites I use a quadrifilar antenna for 70 cm, gasFET preamplifier and Storno CQP4000 70 cm front end as receive converter..


My HAM station.

I am collecting old books about radio and have a quite good collection. If you have the same interest please contact me via email:


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