This Danish QSL Gallery is a collection of QSL cards and letters issued by the PTT, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation and others.
The QSLs are from my own collection, the Jerry Berg Collection, the Adventist World Radio Collection and some private collectors. Click on the small photo to enlarge.


World Music Radio 2019 eQSL. For station information, please see below.

  No back side.  

Radio OZ-Viola commenced broadcasting on December 8, 2018 on 5825 kHz (150W) from Hillerød, Northern Zealand, on an irregular basis - but usually Saturday/Sundays at 13-15 UTC. A vertical coil aerial is used. The station was licensed on November 21, 2018.


World Music Radio resumed broadcasting in January 2018 now using 5840 kHz (100W) into an inverted V, and from December 2018 also 15805 kHz (200W) using a horizontal dipole - both from Randers, Eastern Jutland.


The private station World Music Radio was broadcasting from Karup, Central Jutland, from May 2004 until January 2005 on 5815 kHz with 7 kW into a dipole aerial. For a short period 15810 kHz (500 W) was also used.


The card used for the A03 season (March 30 - October 25, 2003) + the last months of 2003 until the closure of Radio Denmark on December 31, with the very last broadcast at 23.30 UT.


Used for reports during the B02 season (October 27, 2002 - March 29, 2003).


In cooperation with the PTT & Radio Denmark this special EDXC (European DX Council) station was on the air from Rebild, Jutland, June 2-5, 1995. On the card you see Poul Foged and Stig Hartvig Nielsen, plus the equipment.


As a rule, no QSLs were sent out from 1989, but as a compromise this non-data card was issued in January 1995. Thanks to Jan Nieuwenhuis in Holland.

  No back side  

This card was printed in the first half of 1981, symbolizing the Danish National Anthem. The artist was Sofie Bagger. This is the full original card that was divided into 4 QSL cards:


This is the lower left quarter


This is the lower right quarter.


This is the upper left quarter.


This is the upper right quarter.


This black and white card showing the antenna tower on the Radiohouse at Rosenørns Allé was issued in the late 1960's, and used until the introduction of the above cards in 1981.

  No back side.  

This colorful card was used in the mid 1950's and until the mid 1960's.

  No back side.  

The OZF card confirming the reception of April 6, 1965. Belongs to Gordon Blom, Rochester, N.Y.

  No back side.  

The OZF card confirming the reception of September 19, 1956. Signed by Poul Berg. From Tom Sundstrom.


Showing the Danish Radio's Symphony Orchestra and the Radio Choir. This card was sent out in 1954.


The Radio House with a tram. Year: 1953


The Radio House with a tram. Signed by Elena (Vallquartz?). Year: 1949


The Radio House with a tram. Signed by the Head of the SW Department, Jens Rosenkjær. Year: 1948


The Radio House seen from the South. Signed by Elena (Vallquartz?). Year: 1950


Showing the antenna towers at Herstedvester, west of Copenhagen, and signed by Head of the SW Department, Jens Rosenkjær. Year: Dated in March, probably 1949.

  No back side.  

From a transmission from the Skamlebaek transmitting station. Year: 1947.


The skamlebæk transmitting station at 6 kW. Note the envelope. Year: 1939.

  No back side.  

This card puzzles me a bit as I do not think that there was a MW transmitter for the Danish State Radio at Skamlebæk. Year: 1938.

  No back side.  

The skamlebæk transmitting station. Note that both OZF and OXP is mentioned, as well as the schedule. Signed by Mr. Wamberg. Year: 1937.


The Danish P&T card, showing the long wave antenna at Kalundborg. Year: ??


The Danish TV QSL. Copenhagen West, Ch. 31.

Any additional QSLs or information are highly appreciated!

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