Hi, my name is Ole. I live just north of Horsens in Denmark - locator JO45VV - that's 160 km west of the capital Copenhagen and 120 km north of the German/Danish border.
Ever since I started with ham radio at the age of 16, I have enjoyed building, designing and working on the higher frequencies.

Presently I'm QRV from 1.8MHz through to 24GHz, but main activity is on 432MHz, 1296MHz, 2320 MHz, 3400MHz, 5760MHz and 10368MHz.

Have a look at OZ2OE Technical Home Page for more stories on design, modifications, equipment and operations.

I've built the OX3VHF beacon for 2/6 meter and run the OZ5SHF beacon on 10 GHz.

Member of the OZ9KY VHF/UHF contest group.

Picture to the right shows some of my UHF/SHF antennas. From bottom: a 20 elm. for 432MHz, a 50 cm dish with transverter for 10 GHz. On top a 35 elm. loop-yagi for 1296MHz and on the side (barely visible) a 35 elm. loop-yagi for 2320 MHz.

Want a look at my family? Or my other big interest: - airplanes and airplane museum's. The pages are in danish.

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