About the Danish frigate HDMS Peder Skram.

She was built in 1964-66 and is one of two frigates which were served in the Danish Navy.
The sister ship was the HDMS Herluf Trolle.
Both ships had two 2400 HP General Motor Diesel engines together
with two 22000 HP Pratt and Whitney jet-tubines.
The service speed was 16.5 knots and the maximum speed was 32.5 knots.
The lenght was 112 mtrs and the width was 12 mtrs Draft 3.5 mtrs.
The displacement 2720 tons and it had a crew of 178 men.
Armament was a single 127mm twin canon, four 40 mm canons,
8 Sea Sparrow missiles, and 8 Harpoon missiles,
4 torpedo tubes and depth-bombs.

Her communication equipment consisted of 6 SST- 400 HF rigs,
one Marconi Transmitter 1KW, six UHF rigs, three VHF rigs,
and several receivers covering 100 Khz-1Ghz.
The modes were CW, telex, and voice. There was no satcom.

She was removed from active duty in 1988,
and then subsequently bought as a museum ship.
She is currently berthed at the "Holmen" Navy Base, Copenhagen.
In 1993 the idea to open the ship's radio-station operating
as a radioamateur radio facility was suggested by OZ1FJB
and other members of the Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society (RNARS).
It was not until 1998 that the Ships Radio facilities were implemented
as a amateur radio station.
The radio club is now called - the HDMS Peder Skram Radio Division and
currently has 20 members with a mix of radio amateurs and shortwave listeners.

The Radio Divison is a part of the society "Peder Skrams Friends" (PSV)
To become a member of the Radio Division, you have to member of PSV too.
Price PSV is kr. 150,- (Annual).

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