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The EZ QRA Locator softawre is a simple software for the calculation of QRA locators. It has been developed for a course on Visual Basic as an example. It runs under the main versions of Windows.

Its main functionalities are :

- calculation of QRA locator from geographical data (latitude et longitude)
- "Save" function of the QRA locator of the user
- calculation of geographical data from a QRA locator
- calculation of distance and azimuth between 2 different QRA locators or between the saved QRA locator of the user and another QRA locator
- choice of distance in kilometers or in miles.

View of the main window

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The screen of version1.1 is identical


Version 1.11 02.12.2002 : bug fixed (argument disabled in version 1.1 for test)
Version 1.1 24.10.2002 : bug fixed for some locators (locator beginning with a letter inferior to J)


- Light version (software alone without VB runtimes VB)
- Heavy version (software and VB runtimes )


After downloading of one of the two files :
1. Extract the different files of the zip file in a temporary directory.
2. Double-click on setup.exe.
3. Follow the instructions of the setup program.
4. The software starts from the menu "Start" of Windows - group EZ QRA locator by ON7VZ.

For any demand or problem

Email : [email protected]