Some hints/tips on TinyTrack3 setup:

TinyTrack Configuration  

TinyTrack3 offers a primary and secondary configuration set.

Rather then selecting these by a jumper, I made these switchable through an external miniature toggle switch.

One configuration is for MIC-E, the other one is for the ''classical'' protocol... you could as well run twice MIC-E, and have the message alternating between 2 statuses... or working 'terrestrial' and 'ISS'

Particularities :

  • Since I took the screenshots, the DIGI Paths recommended have now become WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 for 'terrestrial comms' and 'APRSAT,SGATE,ARISS' for 'space comms'. Please refrain from using any more 'TRACE'

  • 'Smart Beaconing' works fine with suggested parameters, even on 'U-turns' and hairpin turns in the mountains...

  • 'Invert CD IN' is required for the ICOM IC-2725 (feeding directly +5v DC to reflect the squelch status, as audio output is always present on the data port)

  • Calibration was found on several units within range of 126 to 128, not really worth any adjustments...


TinyTrack Configuration  
  • I observed that the 'Fast Speed' setting should not be set too high, or the unit will not switch to the fast rate... maybe this is due to the fact that my GPS output is in km/h instead of mph? 

  • I programmed the APRS channel on my IC-2725 rig on the two call channels C0 and C1. The transceiver on the right side is reserved (through the rig initial settings) for APRS

  • Change R5 to 10k instead of 220k to produce enough audio for the IC-2725 data port.