Observing the weather is a fascinating science. For weather monitoring, 2 systems are available :

The Local Weather Station (discontinued 2016)

This station is built around the DAVIS 'Weather Monitor2' station. Following parameters are recorded:
  • Temperature reading : Inside temperature, Outside temperature, Dew point temperature , Wind Chill temperature
  • Humidity reading : Inside & Outside humidity
  • Barometer : Barometric pressure & trend
  • Wind : Wind direction, Wind speed (Average & Gusting)
  • Precipitation : Rainfall daily, monthly, yearly
  • Alarms / Scanning features / Recording features
  • Extreme values of various data (Hi/Lo) saved, time-stamped and displayed
  • Data Acquisition features : The unit is fitted with a memory module saving all relevant data (max, min, average values) each 30 minutes The memory unit is downloaded each month to PC for archive and processing Internet


The Satellite Weather Station (discontinued 2016)    

Since november 2004, an automatic Weather Satellites reception station has been set up.

This station receives  directly images transmitted from NOAA satellites in orbit and makes them available on the internet.

The pictures show the cloud formations and precipitation. By interpreting these pictures, and taking into account a general movement of weather from west to east, it is possible to predict quite well the local weather of the day, spot thunderstorm activity etc.