2-meter 6- or 9 element VHF Yagi antenna

6-meterband 3 element Yagi antenna

50 Mc 1/2-wave vertical antenna

5/8 vertical groundplane antenna for the 6-meter "Magic Band" (50MHz)

145 Mc 5/8-wave vertical antenna

2-meter 3-element VHF Yagi antenna (144Mc...148Mc)

Magnetic loop antenna for VHF

70cm 10-element UHF Yagi antenna

70cm 6-element UHF Yagi beam

70cm 4-element UHF Yagi antenna


VHF/UHF Dualband vertical

Quarter wave vertical antenna's for 2-Meterband, 70cm...

Full wave omnidirectional vertical groundplane antenna for 2-meters

VHF Portable "rubber duck" antenna

UHF 3-element portable antenna with gamma-match

VHF/UHF wide band portable dipole for the FT-817 and portables

ON6MU's Vipormutant portable HF/VHF/UHF antenna


ON6MU's 50MHz CONVERTER PROJECT (based on a NE602/SA602/NE612)

ON6MU's 70MHz CONVERTER PROJECT (based on a NE602/SA602/NE612)

10-meterband (28Mc) 1 watt AM/CW transmitter using a BD135 transistor

20-meterband (14Mc) 0.5 watt AM/CW transmitter

10-meterband transmitter oscillator for AM or CW with only two transistors

12-meterband QRP AM oscillator transmitter using a 2N2219 transistor

LW/MW/SW Shortwave general coverage receiver

Direct MW/sw Radio RECEIVER

IC oscillator 1...30MHz using 74LS04 chip

MW Enhanced Crystal Receiver using 741 IC

450-2000KHz AM receiver (ZN414, MK484, TA7642)

Bipolar transistor mixer

Direct Crystal radio receiver examples

455 Khz MF to AF converter used for DRM reception in a Yaesu FRG-100 receiver

SSB/CW/AM receiver for 80m using one chip SA612

Mediumwave AM reference ocillator with buffer 50mW


HF 5-band MOSFET power amplifier delivering 25 watts using a IRF510

HF 10 watt amplifier for 18MHz using a 2SC1969/2SC1944 transistor

HF 10 watt amplifier for 21MHz using a 2SC1969/2SC1944 transistor

VHF 6 Meterband amplifier

10 meter amplifier

Wideband VHF/UHF/SHF 22dB PREAMP with MAR-6 or MAR-8 (MSA-0885)

One transistor HF/VHF/UHF preamp using one BSX-20 transistor

5 watt mini-amplifier 28Mc (or 27Mc CB) with one transistor





5 WATT LF amplifier

12 WATT audio amplifier with tone

Microphone PRE-AMP for portable transceivers

Regulatble amplification Audio frequency AMP with a 741 IC

1 Watt audio amplifier with a TDA7052

Microphone pre-amp with high emphasis (tested on a dynamic Kenwood MC-50 microhpone)

Bass EQ pre-amp correction for high impedance ceramic crystal PU


Magnetic Longwire Balun (MLB) also usable for dipoles and homemade RF choke

Homemade RF choke

QRP Longwire balun

Magnetic longwire balun and VHF-splitter


HF/6m Tuner Preselector

HF/VHF portable antenna tuner

HF/VHF mini portable tuner


Simple 0...24v/2A Power supply

0...18v/4A Regulatable power supply

13,8volt 12/20/22A Power supply with BDX33 or 2N3055

13,8volt heavy duty 30 Ampere Powersupply

0...28volt 6/8 Amps or 20 Amps regulatable voltage power supply

UA7812 and other UA78 Series examples

One transistor power supply (1...5amps) & my retro sound-box

78H05 based portable 13,8volt power supply ideal for FT-817 and similar

Modems and Soundcard interfaces

300/1200 baud BAYCOM MODEM (revision and improved)

HAMCOM (SSTV, RTTY, FAX, PSK31...) modem using PC-speaker for TX

HAMCOM (SSTV, RTTY, FAX...) modem using serial audio for TX

HAMCOM & SoundCard MODEM interface for digital modes using serial- or soundcard audio

PTT and/or soundcard interface

PTT and soundcard interface for the

TM-441 9k6 packet Modification


455 Khz MF to AF converter used for DRM reception in a Yaesu FRG-100 receiver

Emergency light flasher schematic

RF Power meter / dummy load

XTAL switcher using diodes

LF dB Output meter

Simple AF-oscillator / Signal generator

AF variable frequency generator using 555 IC

Astatic microphone
To Kenwood mic

Active bandpass filter with TDA2320A

SWR Bridge

3 in one tester (audio, tone generator, diode/circuit tester)

VHF Condor 16 transceiver modifications

Digital Analog Demodulation Project (DADP, VE7DXW)

AF Pre-amp for Kenwood Mc-50 microphone to improve high frequency responce (high emphasis)

Fixed and variable RF attenuators

Phantom antenna- and transceiver switcher

crowbar overvoltage protection

temperature controled fan


All Datasheet

Datasheet Components

PII attenuator calculator

Pasternack calculates all

Vertical antenna calculator

Dipole calculator

Calculate Inductance IN3OTD

Calculate LC filters(WA4DSY)

Amidon (ferrite, cores...)

TOKO (inductors)

Murata Inductors, filters, caps..

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