Optimized 6/9 element VHF Yagi Antenna

By Guy, de ON6MU

VHF Yagi antenna optimized beam for 2-meter band (144 Mc - 148 Mc)

Note: the antenna can also be tuned between 142...148MHz

Interesting antennas and stuff:

Pictures and details of the optimized VHF Yagi antenna

Greg SP5LGN, and how he made it:
click to enlarge (VHF Yagi SP5LGN) how SP5LGN made the antenna gamma match VHF and UHF home made antenna's de ON6MU, by Greg SP5LGN VHF Yagi 9 element
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How Luc ON5DL made it:
How Luc ON5DL made the 9 element yagi the 9 element vhf yagi on ON5DL boom he made this antenna in two hours!
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How Geert ON3GVG made it:

Thanks Geert!

Charles KC8VWM and how he made my optimized VHF Yagi Antenna RE-A144Y6/9:

ON6MU 9el Yagi Antenna Design
VHF Yagi antenna optimized beam for 2-meter band (144 Mc - 148 Mc)

The computer optimized 9 el. homebrew antenna is performing very well. I have
made many long distance contacts using the ON6MU VHF Yagi antenna. I have the antenna
located only 35 feet above the ground. (See antenna photo titled KC8VWM to
see how high it is mounted on my house.)

The very first day I put up the ON6MU antenna, I contacted two stations in
Toronto Canada which is located 507 km. away from me. Other stations I
contacted were located in other states like Buffalo, New York, Pennsylvania,
Indiana,  Tennessee, Michigan, and West Virginia.

I was also picking up weak EME signals later that evening on 144.127 MHz.
using mode JT65B.

Back to front and measurements:

Checking Element Alignment
VHF hamradio VHF antenna
Element Mounting Method
VHF Yagi antenna optimized beam for transmitting on 2-meter band (144 Mc - 148 Mc)

Gamma Match Closeup

Gamma match mounting

Converted from a radio shack VHF Yagi antenna:

Right side view: notes on the element layout/design and why:

Left side view: tuned and ready to install

KC8VWM QTH: the ON6MU VHF optimized antenna mounted on top of the roof

 The original TV antenna model (Radio Shack VU 120 XR) I used for the entire
 construction of the ON6MU antenna design can be found here:



 Charles KC8VWM
Thank you for the feedback and photo's Charles!

My Yagi 9-element version
made by ON2BJS

Thanks Bechir

3-element VHF homemade (portable) yagi

Note: the antenna can also be tuned between 142...148MHz



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Pictures on how SWL Voiculescu Eduard made it.
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Thanks Eduard!

These are some examples of PA0CDR

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Thanks Gerlof

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