"BCA OV-001 - Activation" Castle of Ooidonk
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Activation 2004, Nic ON4MGY & Jos ON5SD

"BCA OV-001 - activation" - "Castle of Ooidonk"

click to enlarge the photo Saturday the 8th of May 2004 ON4MGY - Nic, and ON5SD - Josť - activated the "Castle of Ooidonk" (East-Flanders),
Belgian Castle Award OV-001.

Call was ON5SD/P.

We started at 7:30 AM and ended the activation at 11:00 AM.


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Carvieuw by ON4MGY


Working conditions:
XMTR: Kenwood TS-50
Antenna: inverted V dipole for 40 m, apex on 12 meters in a tree

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Preparation before de activation

no rain, high humidity

Propagation conditions:
Very heavy QSB, poor short skip conditions

After 50 QSO's we increased the antenna with apex at 10 meter but still we could make contacts with 'SP'-land !

We made a total of 70 QSO's in 3 hours.

In the future we will try another antenna set-up, known as the 'NVIS' set-up. This is lower feeded antenna set-up (max apex 6 m) wich has a radius of max 300 miles/500 km.

All QSO's will be comfirmed with a special QSL-card.