"South Flanders DX Activity Group" is a group of radioamateurs who want's to active support our HAM hobby in any way they should find suitable. Everyone in our group is open for all initiatives, diciplines, modes (HF,VHF,SAT...) and considers every HAM as a true HAM. It's the purpose to learn from each other and support one and other as true friends to make us proud to be a HAM. Every year we will activate special activities so every member can help in it's own right and without any obligation to this. All in one: our group doesn't forget what "Ham-spirit" is all about!
About us in voice: [
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click here for ON6JUN in CW or here for short welcome greeting

We will acitvate 3 or 4 times a year a special amateur radio activation. Every activation is prepared very carefully and with the highest possible professionalism. These activities will be announced on this site and in the packet radio network.

Who can join our group: every one who want's to active support our amateur radio hobby in any way. And who accept the following rules:

Official clubcall: ON6JUN licensed by BIPT to ON6BV Victor.

Our website URL http://www.qsl.net/on6jun

 Information about our club location will follow later...

SFDXAG Contact Information

For all other questions about the contents of the site and other things related to the
..."South Flanders DX Activity Group", then please contact us at
----73" Steven, ON4CLC



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