Kenwood TS-570DG MARS/CAP Modification
This is for the DG model only!
  1. Disconnect the power cord and antenna coax from the transceiver.

  2. Remove the top and bottom covers.

  3. Remove the top screw from each side of the front panel assembly.

  4. Loosen the bottom screw from each side of the front panel assembly.

  5. Carefully rotate the front panel forward to gain access to the Control board (X53-3690-10). This board is mounted vertically against the body of the transceiver. It is not the board that is mounted in the front panel assembly.

  6. Remove the square cover with 4 screws on it. LOCATE IC 5 go to the lowest point by ic 5 there are 2 resistors between the is 5 chip and the screw hole REMOVE the HORIZONTAL ONE

  7. Assemble the transceiver then perform the CPU reset procedure by holding the A=B button depressed as power is turned on.
You will now have all the other frequencys you couldent transmit on now...