HI! Glad to see you on my site! I put some pictures of my radio-amateur hobby here. My QTH Bree JO21td in N-E Belgium

Satellite antennas (in lift-down position) - 2x10 DL6WU for 2m and 2x15 DL6WU for 70cm.

Both antennas are right hand circular polarizised, used for operation via AO-10, FO-20, FO-29, UO-14, AO-27 and pacsats UO-22/KO-25

This is my VHF/UHF antenna:

70cm: 15 element VERON yagi at 27m AGL

2m: 4x 10 element DJ9BV yagi (BVO2-3WL) homemade, in H-stack. can elevate to 60. Where the coax lines come together, there is a SHF-electronics mast-preamp, with VOX. Booms are 6.3m long and enforced with a dubble-boom under it which is 3m long. profile used is 25x25x2mm alu, 4mm elements with nylon rivets insulated from boom.

6m: 4 element yagi at 28m AGL

Rotor is a HAM4, elevator pump is electrical and comes from a commercial dish. Armwidth is 65cm.

the kempic plateau i'm facing to south. I'm behind the big red building. This is where my next antenna will be :-) great view to east from here (belgium is flat hi) I'm on 45mASL, this is 75mASL.

Please don't mind the mess in my shack, it needs cleaning every year.

my car: a ford fiesta courier. Easy to transport ham-stuff, do fieldday, sleeping in the back, and most of all, drive a diesel for only 60 euros taxes/year :-) I'm mostly QRV on ON0NL 145.6625 or ON0LB 145.775 MHz

Some links:

You want me to play at your party with our (student-)band? Check out www.5promille.be or see the website of N.O.L. our local hamradio club www.qsl.net/on1dda

You can catch me on the WWC packet convers channel 14345 and/or channel 90 almost every day. Just give me a call and we can maybe try a 2-meter sked via any form of propagation/EME. A nice site from WWC ch90 made by pb2jj is www.qsl.net/inya the international network for young amateurradio

Also DX-cluster running most of the time here on ON0DXC.

My email adres: [email protected]

73 dr OM de Dirk cul on 6/2/70