Press Release #2 - 31 December 2014

Update 30 December 2014.
It is getting close to 'decision time' whether or not the Bouvet project will go forward. I am amazed by the amount of funding intentions received from individual DXers and DX Foundations/Clubs alike.
As stated from the beginning, I will be very transparent about every aspect of this project, finances not being the least.
At this point in time, 112k euro out of the needed 250k euro are on the budget spreadsheet, this is exciting news!
The funding intentions from individual DXers range from 10,- USD to a staggering 100,000 USD (8,- EUR to 82,000 EUR).
Yes, there is an angel contributor willing to donate this much of money to see this project succeed!

I am expecting the input of some of the DX Foundations, DX Clubs and other Amateur Radio related Institutions to reach me in the next few weeks. As such, I am postponing the deadline for a possible go ahead until the end of January 2015.

Some of you have raised a point of concern about two teams possibly activating Bouvet around the same time period. I have done my homework on this, and with all data at hand I see no reason to adjust my initial concept. In regard to possible funding for the two efforts, luckily for you, the deserving DXer and the DX Foundations/Clubs there are mechanisms in place to determine the viability and success factors of both efforts.

The unique one-man effort over a 3 month time period, will undoubtedly show how this different approach will make more people happy (compared to a multi-operator team, short time period).
Have a closer look why.

It is in the scope of this project:

1. to work as many unique stations as possible;
Thanks to the 3 month time period, I will be able to work 1 or 2 specific bands exactly for this purpose. The very last interested QRPp station willing to work Bouvet and willing to put the necessary time and effort from his/her side into it, will be able to get in the log;

2. to work those stations that need Bouvet on certain bandslots/modes to achieve 9 band clean sweeps;

3. to provide SSB, CW and RTTY contacts for those needing certain modes.

For all audiences, I will have plenty of time. It will be the primary reason for me being on Bouvet, making radio contacts, as many as possible.
Whether or not there will be two DXpeditions activating Bouvet, all the target audiences (unique/9 band-ers/modes) will ultimately have a better shot with the 3 month concept.

For this approach to be successful, it needs one or two things.
- Club Log is a great asset to Amateur Radio. However, the 'Leaderboard' function will not be used;
- I will ask to those who already have Bouvet confirmed on certain bands/modes: only work Bouvet where you need it.

I am confident I can count on the fair play from the deserving DXers to just work Bouvet where they need it. Resulting in being able to work the pileups down to the very last QRPp or mobile station and at the same time making the 9 band hams reach their objective.

For those of you who would like to, and are able to contribute to the project upfront, pse send an e-mail to "bouvet2016 'at'" with the amount you intend to donate.
Again, I do not want/need any money now, there is no PayPal account, it is just your funding intention I need to know at this point in time.
The final total on my spreadsheet will tell me whether to go ahead or not. A final thought: 112k out of 250k is not enough to go ahead.
Thank you to those who already stepped forward, much appreciated!

Wishing all of you a happy and healthy 2015, and may your logs be filled with wonderful DX
73 - Mark - ON4WW