Press Release #1 - 26 October 2014

3Y/B - Bouvet Island

Mark Demeuleneere ON4WW has been granted permission by the Norwegian Polar Institute to land and reside on Bouvet Island during the mid-January until mid-April 2016 time frame.
This will be a ham radio DXpedition with the sole purpose of providing worldwide contacts with Bouvet Island, currently ranked #3 on the different DXCC Most Wanted Lists (note: Bouvet will move up to #2 after Navassa has been activated in 2015).
Whether or not this DXpedition will take place depends on the next big hurdle, funding. A webpage providing background information and full details including the funding approach is available at
In regard to Bouvet, contact ON4WW via the following e-mail address: bouvet2016 @ (without the spaces)