ON4WRC - West Vlaamse Radio Club member of the UBA Belgium Amateur Radio Association.


- ONFF -

WFF is an International Award program launched in 2008 with the slogan :


To apply for a WFF award you need to contact National Parks, Nature Parks or Nature Reserves throughout the World,
listed in the WFF program>

During the QSO, note can be taken of the ...Flora and Fauna reference of the National Park, Nature Park or Nature Reserve,
for example : CTFF007 = CT // DLFF024 = DL // EAFF053 = EA // GFF013 = G // etc...
These references can be very useful when applying for awards.

Log search can be done via the link: " to the EW4DX" page, also very useful for the award hunter.
ONFF = ON Flora Fauna, is a part of the World Wide Program for National Parks, Nature Parks and Nature Reserves of fund WFF.

The ONFF activity exist in activating a site from the list of "Belgian Flora & Fauna" sites.

The locations in Belgium can be found on clicking the folowing link To webbsite ONFF


Tranciever KENWOOD TS950S

Click to watch the Video ON4WRC at ONFF-057