Belgian Maritime Amateur Radio Society



Were  you in the Royal Navy, Marines, Merchant Navy, Fishery Fleets , Marine-cadets or have been employed in Maritime shore-based service?

If so you an become a member of BMARS

The Belgian Maritime Amateur Radio Society  whose call-sign is 0N4BRN.

OR0OST  is associated with BMARS The address of both stations  is 
Rijkswachtlaan 37 in Knokke.

The International Submarine –event ( from the Russian Foxtrot Submarine in Zeebrugge, the Lighthouse and Light-ship (from the lightship Westhinder also in Zeebrugge) the lighthouse  “Lange Nelle” ) are some of the yearly Special Event Stations that we operate. We have been granted special permission to use those locations.

During the Belgian Navy Days we also operate from there and are QRV on all bands and this year we will participate in the Special Event “Oostende voor Anker “.

Together with our sister societies:  

MF :
Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society
Vereinigung MarineFunker
Romanian Marine Amateur Radio Club
Marine Amateur Radio Club Nederland
Marine Funk Club Austria
Italian Navy Old Rhythmers Club
Finish Naval Amateur Radio Society
Australian Naval Amateur Radio society
Associazione Radioamatori Marinai Italiani

we participate in the yearly International Naval Contests  in CW  and SSB.

Further more our members join in all different  Naval Nets  promoting  World-wide Maritime  friendship.

As  a matter of fact it is not easy , not to say impossible to become a member of those societies  if one has no Naval connections and the admission rules are strict.

BMARS , however feels that many radio-amateurs who do not have a naval background but who are extremely interested in maritime matters would be eager to belong to such a Society and be able to operate as a full member of a maritime society at one of those special events.

At our Annual General Meeting in November 2000, the BMARS –members have changed their rules so that Radio-amateurs who can prove their dediction to the maritime world can now become members.

If one can show three maritime awards or can proof (log-book) that they have logged in on a regular basis in one of the maritime nets (at least 40 times in a period of two years) they can apply to join.

Radio-amateurs who are not (as yet) permitted to work the diametric bands can also apply for they can work those awards as SWL. The same rules apply for SWL,s .

Naturally that those radio-amateurs with naval backgrounds do not have to fullfill those rules.

 Where can you hear Naval Nets?

Daily Monday to Friday 11:30-13:30 UTC 3740/7055Mhz SSB  
 Tuesday 19:00 UTC ( log-in 18u30) 3528 CW.  
  Thursday: 19:00 UTC  3547  3528 CW

MARAC :   
Sunday morning 10:30 (local time ) 3555 Mhz  CW  ( PI4 MRC).  
Thursday 21:00 ( local time )  3750 SSB

Every Monday  13:00 (local time)  7060Mhz  SSB  
Saturday 08:00 (local time) 3565 Mhz  C W.  
Sunday 08:00 9local time ) 3625 Mhz  SSB

If you wish to become a member of BMARS, or desire more information please  contact  the Secretary ON4CBM or the Chairman ON4CJJ

ON4CBM  Jacobs  Bert Moerkerksesteenweg 275 –   B-8310 Brugge 3
 E- Mail a [email protected]

ON4CJJ Luc Danneels - De Klerckstraat 49 -   B-8300 Knokke-Heist
e-mail:[email protected] 

BMARS Membership Application form.