....THE STORY....

Limburg; the name of a province both in Belgium as in the Netherlands. They have a lot in common like their green meadows and woods, their extensive birg and small animal life, their ability to celebrate carnival and the Dutch / Belgium border river: the Maas. About two hundred years ago another phenomenon, not so pleasant, was a comman plague: a secret society the "Bokkerijders", as the people called them, made our area unsafe with their nocturnal rape and plunder marches. Stories from those times go about cruelty, men and women flying on he-goats through walls and windows torturing the farmers to make them tell where trasures and money were hidden. Notoriuos names of those days were: Nolle van Geleen and Drossaard Clercx. But brave men of justice stood up. The "Drossaard" (bailiff) J.M. Clercx, born in Eksel on 4 December 1759, and living on his state in Overpelt, was in charge of the bailiwick Bree - Stokkem, and fought against the Bokkerijders with vigourous means. Many Bokkerijders were hung and at the end of the 18th century, Limburg became the peacefull area that it is now. Of course descendants of both the Bokkerijders, the Drossaard and his helpers live in these areas of Belgium and Holland. Quite a few radio amateurs from this area belong to those descendants. So we feel entitled to re-found this secret society under the guidance of genuine descendants of the Drost. With this award we make you an honourable member of this society as you proved to have interest in this beautiful green area centered between world cities like: Amsterdam, Brussels and Cologne. The picture in the front has been centered around the lion from the Limburgian coat of arms. The little weapons at the right show the eagle claw from the Drost's arms, tearing out the Bokkerijders hearts and the left one Bokkerijder flying on a plunder march.


Each station in the province of Limbourg (Belgium and/or the Netherlands) can be worked once for the award.

Dutch stations cout 1 and Belgium stations 3 points.

You need at least ons station of both countries.

There are NO band or mode limitations.

Dutch / Belgian Stations have to collect 12 points.

European stations 08 points.

DX-stations 05 points.

Aan de volgende eisen moet voldaan worden:

  • Elk station in de provincie Limburg, zowel BelgiŽ als Nederland, telt mee voor de award.
  • Een Belgisch station telt voor 3 punten en een Nederlands station voor 1 punt.
  • Je moet minstens 1 station van beide landen gewerkt hebben.
  • Er zijn geen band of mode beperkingen.
  • Belgische stations moeten 12 punten verzamelen.
  • Europese stations 8 punten.
  • DX-stations 5 punten.

Je LOG moet getekend worden door 2 andere amateurs ter bevestiging van de gemaakte verbinding.

Bf: 150,-
DM: 7.50
$: 4.00
Fl: 7.50
or 5 IRC's

Demands: Abstract your log signed by 2 other amateurs send to:

Award Manager


Andrť Bosmans

Hoogveltstraat 42

B-3960 Bree Belgium

More info: [email protected] OR NOLonLine
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