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LPT under Windows - SmallPort Delphi Component

Delphi 1 -5 (..7) for LPT port access. It works under Win 95/98 and Win NT a 2000. SmallPort Component creates and registers device "smport", which allows correct access to parallel port in Windows system. To run program it is needed special driver, which must be or in SYSTEM directory or in the application directory (for Windows 95 and 98 it is file smport.vxd, for Windows NT smport.sys). A part of the installation is also VXD driver usable separately.

Program creates device at start time and releases it on close. On nonstandard program closing it is necessary to to release driver manually (it was found by debugging under IDE).

It is done by manual deleting registry key and restart of the system:

Windows 95 and 98

Windows NT

Note: To create and release device in the Windows NT system you must have administrator rights.

A part of package is testing program:

Download of the full package: (207 kB) - it is original package from author:  - SmallPort ver 1.4 for Delphi 4 modified 21-August-2000 - Windows NT/2000 compatible - Author: A.Weitzman