Brief history of my amateur radio carrier

I attended my first amateur radio training when I was just 13 years old. I got my SWL license - OK3-28795 and license which allowed me to operate from club station, that time OK3KFY. But later on in 1992 I gained my first license signing a call OK3ZJW, just seven days before Slovak republic gained independence. So after 7 days I changed my callsign to OM3ZJW (similar to my father callsign OM3JW) and operated only 160m CW/SSB, 80m CW/SSB except DX edge, 30m CW, 15m CW from 21.100 up and SSB from 21.350 up, and 10m CW only from 28.150 . After fullfilling conditions for upgrading my license 1 year later I got my recent license OM2DX and I started to operate on all bands all modes with 300W power limit. From this moment I fully started enjoying this beautiful hobby. In less than 2 years I made over 300 countries. Three years later I upgraded my license again to maximum possible level, increased my power limit to 750W, got permission to operate 50MHz, use additional power 2kW for contests and later on permission to operate 136kHz band. I applyed for special contest callsign. After telecomunications issued me call OM9X I started to participate in major contests. But DXing was still main part of my interest. I used to collect countries and trying to get my DXCC honor roll as soon as possible. However, I always wanted to know how it looks like on the "other" side of pile-up. One nice summer I just took my friend OM1ACW and we went to Geneva, stayed there for 4 days using 4U1ITU station and for the first time in my life I had that great feeling from pile-up (Thanks to Attila, OM1AM for opportunity to use this station). This was somehow the first step and I wanted to visit more and more countries. With big thanks to my parents I had a chance to operate from Corsica Island TK/OM2DX and from Lavezzi Island IOTA EU-164 TK/OM2DX/p. One year later me and my parents were enjoying vacations on Volcano Island and I operated as ID9/OM2DX/p. In 1999 I had a chance to be a member of Czech project helping the children suffering from cancer and during more than one month I was operating ( big thanks goes to Slavek , OK1TN) from different locations in the Europe. Once more I visited Geneva - 4U1ITU and moved to scandinavia where I operated as OZ/OK5DX, LA/OK5DX, SM2/OK5DX, SM0/OK5DX and OH9/OK5DX. During my visit of Ukraine I was using a call UR/OM2DX and made few contacts in ARRL 10m Phone contest. In year 2000, me and my two friends Andy/OM1CW and Martin/OM2WW have visited Friedrichshafen hamfest and right after we went to Lichtenstein and operated HB0/homecalls. I enjoy contesting from my club station OM3Kii/OM9A and I also tried contesting from biguns like OM3KFF/OM5M and OK1KSO/OK5W.

From October 2001 until March 2003 I was visiting Okinawa,Japan. After disapointment from japanesse officials when they didn't want to issue me a license and almost forbiden me operation from Japan at all, with the great affort of my friends Eric/7J6CCU and Masa/JR6VSP I was able to be on the air also from Okinawa using call JR6VSP/OM2DX.

Nowadays I am in Baghdad Iraq working at Embassy of Slovak Republic. I came here on November 20,2002 and will stay here probably up to four years. First I was using YI9OM for few days and recently I am on the air using the club station callsign YI1BGD until I'll get my own licence which I already applied for and will probably be YI9DX. More information about YI click here .

For all those things I would like to say thank you to all who supported me on the way to become a real HAM. Special thanks goes to my parents (father OM3JW), without their support and without mothers patience it would be very hard. Nevertheless, I thank you to Roman/OM3EI and Laco/OM3GB who covered me in the very beggining and for opportunity to join OM3Kii radioclub. Another thanks goes to Andy/OM1CW and Rado/OM2ZZ for their help building pretty nice contesting QTH. Of course, thank you all who made a contact with me and see you again on the air .... THANK YOU !