Hi everybody.
My name is Jan Toth and my callsign is OM1AIT. I am eighteen an I'm licenced from 1995. My QTH is Bratislava, heart of the Europe. I am member of SZR (Slovak radio amateur organisation) and radio club OM3KII.
OM3KII is radio club of young people in Bratislava and Stupava. QTH of OM3KII is Stupava.
I'm still student, so I study on gymnasium of Jur Hronec in Bratislava.

My transceiver is FT-747/GX. Information is on page: MY RIG.

We can chat on IRC. My nickname is RACAL and I am often on channels: #SLOVAKIA, #KLUB_DOCHODCOV, #HAMRADIO and others (#sex, #sexpics ;-)))))) ).

My hobbies except hamradio and computers is NHL. My favourite NHL's team is DETROIT RED WINGS, the winner of the Stanley cup 1996-1997. Especialy russian players are great. Best of best are FEDOROV, KONSTANTINOV.... Others are good too. For example captain of RED WINGS STEVE YZERMAN, SHANNAHAN....

In free time I like listen to music. My favourite pop or rock groups are: HEADCRASH, H-BLOCK, FAITH NO MORE, REPUBLICA, NO DOUBTH, SMASHING PUMPKINS... And many czech and slovak groups: KABATALKEHOL....

Ofcourse, that I like sport. I try tu run ROB. Radio orientated run, but this is only my translation from slovak language to english language, so I don't think that this translate is good. But I tried to translate it corectly.

So I think that this is enough about me. I hope that We make a nice QSO on the BAND.