VHF 1999 contest

This was an auxiliary 6 el. YAGI used primary for DL direction. Last used in 1999 VHF contest.

A brand new syphase system (modified DL7KM). The child is 4 years old OK2ZI 's daughter.

6-Nov-99, OK2UAF, OK2ZI and OK2PNN are mounting syphase. OK2ZC is making photos, hi.
Wind 15 m/sec, temp. +3 deg and fog.

Syphase is at home, beaming 270 deg to DL. First used in 1999 A1 contest. We worked with this antenna (with 350W) PA3BAS - 786km, SM7WT - 686km, OZ1FDH - 719km, PA4VHF - 733km.

OK2ZI with the paddles.

OK2UAF with the mike.

VHF contest 1999, the last QSO.