The OKDXA offers a "Worked all Oklahoma" Certificate. This certificate is available to any licensed amateurs who submit proof of working all 77 Oklahoma counties subject to provisions below.

Dave Ratliff/W5ATV

3215 West 40th St

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74107-5111


Applicant may mail a copy of log showing all 77 Oklahoma counties confirmed. Log must be signed in ink with full name & callsign by two other licensed amateurs (General Class or higher) verifying that QSL cards for all contacts as listed have been seen. OKDXA will also accept signatures from any certified ARRL card checker, or Section Manager. All actual QSL cards received will be checked by two (2) OKDXA officials. All QSL cards received will be returned. OKDXA reserves the right to request any further cards/information for verification. OKDXA also reserves the right to refuse any request for any reason. Any fees collected will be returned with refusal.

Please enclose check or Money Order (No IRC’s) for $5.00 with request to help with the cost of postage & certificate printing,mailing,etc.

Please note this particular award is "exclusive" to the OKDXA. It is not a part of any program affiliated with any other club or organization, nor does this program constitute any certification with any other contest,certificates,awards,etc.

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