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Nickname:   Libor Licence from:  1969 Licence class:   A (Extra)

Temporary QTH in Brno, Czech RepublicLocator:  JN89HF

Temporary address: Capt. Dalibor  J. Berka, Fillova 7, 63800 Brno, Czech Republic

Email: dberka(at)volny.cz

Home packet BBS: OK2PEN @ OK0PBR.#MOR.CZE.EU

Libor is a merchant navy Master Mariner (a Ship's Captain) and when at sea he uses the callsign OK4PEN/mm just for CW and fone (SSB,AM,FM)qso. His favourite qrg for CW is 30 kHz from the beginning of each ham radio band. He is running also Pactor for to be in contact with his family and friends and to be updated with the ham radio news.

         Libor is also the Sysoof the Pactor MBO/Packet BBSOK0PBR situated in Brno.

WANT CONNECT OK0PBR? (must have Windows TELNET or HYPERTERMINAL program installed)

1.Click CONNECT   2.Type your valid CallSign  3.C  OK0PBR


QSL for any qso please: via  Electronic QSL Service
or via bureau:   POB 69, 11327 PRAHA 1, Czech republic

Home Page