OK2JPK   globe
                       Name: Pavel        QTH:  Ricmanice (near city Brno)    LOC: JN89IE

Since 1995 my callsign is OK2JPK and I am QRV on 2m band ALL mode with  simple antennas GW4CQT or F9FT.

I am sometimes active too during contests from portable QTH on 2m.

I have  prepared dish (60cm) with helix feed and CALAMP converter for 2.4Ghz for down link AO-40. This is modification of California Amplifier MMDS converter. Other informations about AO-40 to www.amsat-dl.org

Other experiments has wlan net our homes between users. Server conceptions on a  OS Gentoo Linux.
Primary Wlan 2.4GHz antenna of node is waveguide.

Other links:


     Very interest is project of OK1DFC, a progress in the build of 10m parabolic dish on your garden for                               works EME.    http://www.ok1dfc.com/EME/

     Inspiratory link about HAM Satellite G6LVB, Howard http://www.g6lvb.com/

73! Pavel  

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