About me
Hello, welcome to my pages. Have we met before on the band?
My name is Jirka Havelka, QTH Praha Barrandov, capital city of the Czech Republic, grid square JO70EA. I am living in a block of flats and so there are some problems with aerials. I am using 100W HF transceiver Kenwood TS-440 SAT with dipole g5rv and also short vertical for higher bands. I am also working on VHF, using Yaesu FT-290RII transceiver for 2 meter band. My antenna is vertical (SM7DVH) on the 8th floor.
During summer holidays and some weekends you can hear my sigs from QTH KLIKOV (JN78LV), mostly on 10m using 6el.monoband Yagi and also loops, dipoles and vertical for other bands. I am a country and award hunter, so your qsl card via bureau is VERY apreciated. I am also the chairman of Clubstation Barrandov, OK1RTB and their QSL manager.
My E-mail address is [email protected].
My QSL cards for the first QSO/BAND goes 100% via bureau and I also sent my log to eQSL.CC
I am an "award hunter" and member of DIG with Nr.5789
My address for QSL direct is: J.Havelka, Prazskeho 602, 152 00 Praha 5, Czech Republic. (Please drop something for postage).
I am a holder of A-class amateur licence.
There is an official database record about me..
You can visit my Czech pages with a lot of pictures.
So, thank you for your visit, I hope to hear you soon on the band. 73! and good luck, Jirka OK1XTB