Machine construction idea                                  151025
Speed control is designed
for slow, heavy stitching the sheep leathers and 
for drive the gear cutting oil pump of the metal-cutting machines.
Commutator motor is from a washing machine with a sufficiently large coals
Half-controlled bridge used - see the version  V1 and V2
Regulation wiring is a classic, old, experienced
Galvanic isolation power part from non-power part of regulator  
Galvanic separation of the engine hanger on the the machine chassis  
LC filter in the supply line
Protection IC if failure the power section : burn only one rezistor
Capacitor 1M / 250Vst instead of hot precipitating resistance 22K / 10W used 
Protection diodes everywhere
Ignition transformers replaced with the modern optocouplers
Thyristrs 800V/3A/100mA  (KT260 switch occasionally over knee)   
Zero (flyback,snubber,clamp) diode: rather fast, as big as
Engine likes uninterrupted current - use additional serial inductance for it
Transistors: 30V/0.1A for general consumption
Operational amplifiers : 4 in one IO, will never stop produce 
Stabilizer 7912 has not the same pins as 7812!
PCB is halfuniversal (its size is poorly estimated)
Speed sensor: signal prefer not to lead together with the power wires,
              alternatively can be used the stepping motor 
              from any printer or from old washing machine programator  

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