OK1KGR 1.8 MHz
Locator: EUL QTH: Ústí nad Labem Category: I.

A160 SSB 05/2002

First operator's name and call: OK1HSF
Address for correspondence: CRC, POB 69, 113 27 Praha 1, Czech Republic
Second operator calls: OK1HSF
Contest QTH: Keplerova 709/24, Ústí nad Labem 400 07
Height A.S.L.: 152 m
Transceiver: FT840
Antenna: LW 40m

Number of QSO: 29...MUL: 24

Countries worked:
27xOK, 2xOM

Total sum of points:  

I declare that I have observed the contest rules as well as the licensing rules and that the above data are correct to the best of my belief.
I accept the rulling of the contest commitee as a final.

Date: 20020506 First operator's signature: ............................................

A160 SSB 05/2002 1.8 MHz OK1KGR

2002050620:34OK1MPM59 EUL59 EMO
20:35OK1KKP59 EUL59 ELT
20:35OK1DDP59 EUL59 FPA
20:36OM3TLE59 EUL59 BAN
20:37OM3KBW/P59 EUL59 BAR
20:38OK1DRQ59 EUL59 DPM
20:39OK1BQL59 EUL59 HJE
20:39OK1POY59 EUL59 APA
20:40OK1WMJ59 EUL59 CCK
20:40OK2SJS59 EUL59 HOL
20:41OK2LF59 EUL59 HOP
20:41OK1PLF/P59 EUL59 GBM
20:42OK1MJA59 EUL59 ECH
20:43OK1CFK59 EUL59 BME
20:44OK1DAM59 EUL59 APD
20:44OK2KLD59 EUL59 HOL
20:45OK2BMI59 EUL59 HOL
20:45OK2BEH59 EUL59 GBV
20:46OK2BKP59 EUL59 GKR
20:47OK1WB59 EUL59 FHK
20:49OK1JVY59 EUL59 FHB
20:52OK1LZ59 EUL59 FTR
20:53OK1MOW59 EUL59 FHK
20:55OK1MNV59 EUL59 FJI
20:55OK1FOG59 EUL59 FHK
20:56OK1DRU59 EUL59 EUL
20:58OK2PKF59 EUL59 HBR
20:59OK1FUU59 EUL59 APD
20:59OK1FMG59 EUL59 BRA

Contest log Atalanta Locator v 12.2 by OK1DUO