OK1KGR 1.8 MHz
Locator: EUL QTH: Ústí nad Labem Category: Klub

AKTIVITA 160m SSB - 2003/02

First operator's name and call: OK1DSA
Address for correspondence: [email protected]
Second operator calls: OK1HSF
Contest QTH: Ústí nad Labem
Height A.S.L.: 152 m
Transceiver: FT840 5W
Antenna: LW 40m

Number of QSO: 25

Countries worked:
24xOK, 1xOM

Total sum of points:  

I declare that I have observed the contest rules as well as the licensing rules and that the above data are correct to the best of my belief.
I accept the rulling of the contest commitee as a final.

Date: 20030211 First operator's signature: ............................................

AKTIVITA 160m SSB - 2003/02 1.8 MHz OK1KGR

2003021121:45OK1EV59 EUL59 FTR
21:45OK1KOB59 EUL59 FTR
21:45OK2BEH59 EUL59 GBV
21:46OK1IWC59 EUL59 EMO
21:46OK2BEN59 EUL59 GZS
21:46OK1KIR59 EUL59 APD
21:47OK1BNS59 EUL59 APD
21:47OK1DOL59 EUL59 DPS
21:47OK1FWW59 EUL59 APE
21:48OK1FC59 EUL59 BPB
21:48OK2SMS59 EUL59 HKA
21:49OK1DRU59 EUL59 EUL
21:49OK2SJS59 EUL59 HOL
21:49OK2VVN59 EUL59 GPR
21:50OM5JA59 EUL59 NIT
21:51OK1FRT59 EUL59 BKD
21:51OK1WMJ59 EUL59 CCK
21:51OK1FUU59 EUL59 APD
21:51OK1JOK59 EUL59 ELT
21:52OK1ONA59 EUL59 ETE
21:53OK1AYY59 EUL59 APD
21:54OK2KWS59 EUL59 HBR
21:54OK2RSC59 EUL59 GZN
21:55OK1KQP59 EUL59 FNA
21:55OK1DQP59 EUL59 FNA

Contest log Atalanta Locator ver. 12.11 by OK1DUO