Here under line is informations from my activity during last months.

16.05.2005 Sorry for this days I am busy , but RS propagation is very good .
Now I start new pages (czech lang.) on or . This pages is in construction .
13.06.2005 For today I was any works on my QTH and also was QRV . I make QSO with S51ZO and OM3LQ . Also I hear many beacons via rain-scatter . At 17:23 utc Joze S51ZO has very strong signal , at peak 59s + 40dB . during QSO w. S51ZOHere is picture from czech radar . Also Joze hear beacon OK0EW , tks fr report .
Boris OK2QW(exOK2UWF) started new beacon on Lysa hora JN99fn . Now with only 10mW (later will be more) , at 10368.960 MHz and HORN 8db direction to west . Thank you Boris .
12.06.2005 Today write me Misi HA5NF information about Hungarien beacons on VHF bands . Here is sheet as HG_bcn.xls . Thanks Misi .
04.-05.06.2005 During contest I am as OL4A from JO60rn , make about 56 QSO`s
03.06.2005 Today I put in repair rotator and I can QRV on 10 GHz . I make few QSO via RS . During contest I will be QRV as OL4A from JO60rn but only on 10 GHz .
29.-30.05.2005 I waiting for today any rainscatter . Yes I work with OE5VRL/5 , I4XCC , 9A1Z ,DL1SUN , DK5WMA ,DL1CF , PA0BAT , DL3YEL and DO1CTL . Sunday morning I work tropo DK1KR from JO53hw . I use equipment only on roof , rotator is still bad . If will be all right next Friday rotator put on tower . Here is pictures from 28.Maywork place

provisory place

clouds - scatter point

clouds - scatter point during work into west

27.05.2005 Information from Misi-HA5NF about new beacon on 70cm : Again on the air HG3BUA on the new frquency. QRG is : 432,450 Mhz After asl heigt he gives actual temp. in the tube and beacon power.For example : TEST DE HG3BUA QRA JN96CC ASL 585M 40CI 2,2W
Tks Misi
07.-08.05.2005 I start in contest at 1515 utc and worked about 20 QSO . Before contest I help into antennas for 2m . During night come very strong wind and destruct my rotator . destruct rotator Here is few photos from 08.May : 08.May 2005 08.May 2005 08.May 2005 08.May 2005
05.05.2005 At (after disease) 6.may I will build 3cm for contest , on 24GHz I can`t QRV sorry . I will be QRV during contest as OL4A from JO60rn .
30.03.2005 Please patience , I prepare new web pages ...


New link in technique page Dirk Fischer Elektronik - DK2FD power amplifier for SHF and more .....
Happy New Year 2005 and mni GL and DX

new beacon on 6 cm 5760975.0 - HG1BSA/B - JN87fi - 0,4 W . Tks info from HA5NF
Along with other members I was QRV during Marconi memorial contest as OL4A from JO60rn . Other info will be on web pages OL4A . Now web OL4A is for few days closed . At sunday we have snow , you see here .
Today I visit after long time QTH....have bad rotator . I must give down all TRX and antennas and all repair . Threfore I have must for this year finish .... sorry . I am afraid for next year will be ready with better equipments . Thanks to all on tests and QSOs as OK1JKT or OL4A . Also I have other chance for connect on internet . I will glad to all reports about OK0EW and all QSOs next time .
At morning 08.Sept. on DXCluster was info from DL3EAG about OK0EW (with bad callsign OK0EJ) ready locator JO60ok...tks
During weekend I was QRV and make few tropo QSO , thanks VHF contest activity wasn`t good and also propagation . At Saturday was good RS to south but any station , only beacons on band .
I will QRV on 10/24 GHz during VHF contest...we can wait good propagation RS ?!
This weekend I had free time . Condx was good but no high activity....via RS good QSO with DG4DW and tropo DK1KR . Also two QSO with OK2BFH - JN99fn via tropo .
At Friday I put beacon OK0EW back to JO60ok , on new QRG 10368.894 MHz . At Saturday I was at JO60rn for monitoring . Also I make few QSO on 3cm , and first QSO via RS on 24GHz with Fritz DM2AFN .
This weekend I was QRV and use good rainscatter propagation into west . And also testing any tropo QSO . I work with F-stns in Paris . But at Monday I was busy , condx continue to west or east also into SP . Good propagation will be continue into ending this week , I think . I have not QRV (is possibility only short time), sorry .
Just I see on E-mail . I have mail from Lucijan 9A1Z yesterday we had QSO on 3cm via RS . Lucijan write me , that QSO is first . He use only base transverter from wine garden during last testing new RIG . Thanks dear Lucijan ....
At Sunday I wait good propagation on SHF tropo also rainscatter . In my area tropo propagation wasn`t good but RS was many scatter points direction south . Afternoon later I with along Claudio - I4XCC testing RS propagation and one time I hear signal from Claudio 59+10dB via RS . OK0EW was defect on OCXO (bad X-tal) , now I testing new X-tal but with different from old . New QRG will be 10368,905 MHz +/- about . At early time I return beacon OK0EW back to JO60ok location .
At Thursday we had good rainscatter direct to Poland but I work only with SP4MPB and SP/LA4YGA from ko03ht . Evening later we work along with SP2DDX QSO via tropo , long time I receving only noise but one time heard him . Thanks to new #71 . At Friday rainscatter is start early but no stations , my first QSO this day was DC9UP from JN39TM . Later also PA stns F6DKW and other . At Saturday morning continue RS but going down and only local . Also during this days I hear many beacons . If forecast will be good for NAC contest I will ready on 3cm for north stations . Next week I am busy . If we will expect good RS I can QRV later afternoon or evening .
This day I was QRV . Rainscatter was very good , but I works no more stations . I hear this day 19 beacons (first time db0el from jo43ff) .
At Monday I was QRV afternoon . I has QSO with I4XCC and again I6XCK/6 , evening with Zenek SP3JBI .
Sunday rainscatter continue , from west I make QSO with PA , DL and evening SM . At night also claudio I4XCC . This day I heard 18 beacons (first time db0nbb from jo63pn)!
Afternoon staring first rainscatter . I make few QSO direct west Germany and Uffe PA5DD , later Claudio I4XCC and Cesare I6XCK/6 from JN62PX #70 . Also I heard 13 beacons about , four hours LX1DB and also I6X !
This day I start my activity on microwave . Forecast for next days is very nice tropo and next days we wait over Evrope many storms !
Yesterday I was QRV ...I wait strong rainscatter . Afternoon I hear new beacon LX1DB from JN39CO and during day I hear many beacons from all sides (15 beacons about) . Before front I hear DB0HW 599 and after front at 21utc 599+30dB!! via tropo . Evening cross over my QTH heavy rain and storm with strong wind .
We was prepare all for contest . More informations and logs will be later on web OL4A.
I was QRV and correct elevation on 24GHz dish . I make QSO with Fritz DM2AFN on 24 GHz . I hear better signal from Fritz during last QSO . Dish is ready for contest , I think .
I continue on tower , also make few QSO via RS . At Friday I switch off beacon OK0EW (I will repair OCXO) .
This weekend I continue on build tower and other works in QTH . I works also on 10GHz few QSO .
This Sunday OK0EW is on air .

OK0EW switch off for repaired (bad keying) after repair I switch on again .
During Friday I was prepare new antennas for 10/24 GHz and Saturday we put with along other memers club on tower . Now we have for 10 Ghz 1,14m dish about 12m over ground and 60cm dish for 24 Ghz about 13m over ground . I was also QRV during contest as OL4A on 10GHz we have 50 QSO and on 24 GHz 6 QSO . After finish works on QTH I will be often QRV . Thanks to Fritz DM2AFN I worked into new square on 24 GHz (#5).
news: Saturday morning on OK0EW is problem with keying (speed). At early time I must this beacon switch off for repair .
This weekend I was QRV during contest as OL4A from JO60rn on 10/24GHz , the others on 2m and 70cm bands . On 10 GHz I worked 64 QSO - 16446 points , ODX 640 km - PA3AWJ and 24GHz 6 QSO - 525 points , ODX 148 km - OK1AIY/p . After start in the contest was good rainscatter into north-west , sunday morning was bad weather and activity on SHF very low . Before ending contest was new scatter in south but I was off RS area . On 70cm we have 380 QSO and on 2m 850 QSO about . Other informations will be later on OL4A WEB.
OK EME / Microwave meeting more informations here .
hot news : SILENT KEY(REM: Rudi OE5VRL) - Rainhard sympathies on the death of our friend Reinhard
I was prepare new TRX for 24GHz / during this weekend we have microwve meeting (also measuring up to 24GHz) if will be all ready I will QRV during May contest from OL4A-JO60rn . Also I prepare new beacon on 24048.813 MHz (from JO60ok) . Last time I am very busy , but I think that during rain-scatter seasone I will be QRV all time , let me free time . Other infos next time .
Thanks Manfred DK9MN I have beacon for 24 GHz ... after change QRG and rebuild I will test beacon in JO60ok near OK0EW (10GHz) . Beacon will be on QRG about 24048.813 MHz .

Merry Christmas you wish Karel along with family .
News : Rainer DF6NA now build VHF - TOP list 50MHz - 24GHz .
Thanks to infos from Misi - HA5MF here is beacons list in HG .
PA5DD add tools for RS(radar pictures) from Poland (SP) thanks Uffe! also thanks Zenek SP3JBI!
Or column "Tools" on my WEB pages
On page OL4A is now photo-gallery from October UHF contest with annotation . Logs will be later .
During UHF contest I was QRV on 10/24GHz as OL4A from JO60rn . On 10GHz we make 40 QSO = about 6428 points and ODX with S57C (519km) and 24GHz 9 QSO = 963 points , ODX OK1UEI (149km) .
More info will be on OL4A .
Now I will be QRV during contests in conteststation OL4A (ok1kim) also its possible next year my individual activity from JO60rn .
If you interested sked now on 10/24GHz please write me on my Email: ok1jkt
I was QRV after long time , but only short . Last time I am very busy . On 3cm and 2m I make only few QSOs . During UHF contest in October I will QRV from OL4A(ok1kim)- JO60RN .
I`am sorry , we have any problems in my family (with health) . I cannot visit meeting at Weinheim .
Sorry I am busy , but this days is vy good rain-scatter propagation...see you on DXCluster and radar pictures please .
This weekend I was also QRV and worked few QSOs also with Claudio I4XCC and Cesare I6XCK/6(824km) in Italy contest .
   bro     TIME CALLSIGN        LOCATOR TX       RX       MODE REMARKS      QRB
15/08/2003 14:18 OE2BM           JN67MT  57s      58s      CW   qtf 183,-    292
15/08/2003 16:00 I4XCC           JN63GV  56s 001  56s 019  CW   qtf 180,-    729
15/08/2003 16:17 I6XCK/6         JN63PA  56 002   59 011   SSB  qtf 179,-    824
16/08/2003 16:27 OK2BFH          JN99FN  579      579      CW                387
16/08/2003 18:00 I4XCC           JN63GV  57s      57s      CW   qtf 172,02   729
16/08/2003 18:56 S57EA           JN76HE  41s      57s      CW   qtf 170,-    484 (90mW!)

Last time I am busy , but at Thursday I was free . This day I hear 18 beacons , but make only few QSOs . Over Czech was very strong storms with destructive effect ! I my QTH was storm with heavy rain , but no problem . All situation you see on archive WEB Czech hydro.meteo. institute .
07.-10.08.2003 This weekend was very good propagation , but on west . Here was few local rainscatters . I worked with Wim PA3AOH via tropo and also via RS . Also we along with Claudio I4XCC testing tropo , we use 30 second period as meteorscatter procedure !
Later afternoon I was QRV and make few QSOs on 3cm and 2m . At south was good rainscatter OE8MI/8 , DL3MBG and I4XCC . On 2m I worked with G4DEZ - JO03ae , I hear long time at night and 5.8. morning GB3ANG from IO86 .
If let me free time I will be QRV again during weekend .
I was QRV also at Saturday ....afternoon was also RS in south local but strong and east long time I hear SR0CWK . I make only one QSO with SP7JSG-KO01 . With DM2AFN I has more short QSO and info over WWConvers ....good ScP was in JO92 square , but nil . At Sunday morning I hear OK0EL on 10GHz very strong ! Later I have go to home ...time for family . Its possible , than later will be RS , over my head grow clouds .
Today was very good rainscatter , I hear long time beacon SR0CWK . But I work only one QSO into SP - with Zenek SP3JBI . Also I hear first time new beacon DB0ANU from JN59hh and worked with DL8OBU two QSO via tropo . From south was also RS , but is local I think .
New tools from PA5DD !! Uffe have on WEB page new tool for rainscatter - link is here
At Sunday afternoon and evening was vy good RS , but I am has time for my family . I was QRV at Monday also this day was good RS to south but low activity . Signal from Claudio up to over 59s!
28/07/2003 14:24 I4XCC           JN63GV  57s      57s      SSB  qtf 174,12   729
28/07/2003 14:53 OE8MI           JN66UP  57s      57s      CW   qtf176,-     423
28/07/2003 15:13 DM2AFN          JO61WB  599      599      CW                 84
28/07/2003 15:29 I4XCC           JN63GV  57s      57s      SSB               729
28/07/2003 15:35 OE8MI           JN66UP  59s      59s      SSB  qtf 176,34   423
28/07/2003 15:46 OK1AIY/P        JO70SQ  59       59       SSB               167
28/07/2003 17:54 I4XCC           JN63GV  58s      57s      SSB  qtf 180,-    729
28/07/2003 18:21 I4XCC           JN63GV  53s      53s      CW                729
I will QRV during next weekend I think .
Also this day I wait good rainscatter propagation . Afternoon started first RS and also come into my area first storm . Come heavy rain and hail (2cm diameter) , during short time we has white . After storms leave south-east . Today I worked with new square KO03(Marek SP4MPB) its my #69 .
22/07/2003 11:40 DH8AG           JO31RL  54s      53s      CW   qtf 285,10   419
22/07/2003 12:03 DJ1KP           JO40JJ  59s      59       SSB  qtf 261,-    313
22/07/2003 12:32 DM2AFN          JO61WB  55s      55s      CW                 84
22/07/2003 15:55 OE5VRL/5        JN78DK  59s      59s      FM                236
22/07/2003 16:46 SP4MPB          KO03HT  53s      52s      CW   qtf 052,-    630
22/07/2003 17:03 SP4MPB          KO03HT  55s      55s      SSB  qtf 55,-     630
22/07/2003 17:30 OK1YA           JO70GC  59s      59s      CW                102
22/07/2003 17:45 I4CVC           JN54WH  59s      59s      CW   qtf 181,-    688
22/07/2003 18:13 SP7JSG          KO01BW  55s      55s      CW   qtf 65,-     510
22/07/2003 19:09 I4XCC           JN63GV  55s      55s      CW   qtf 180,9    729
22/07/2003 19:16 SP3JBI          JO91BR  57s      59s      CW   qtf 72,-     372
23/07/2003 06:07 DJ1KP           JO40JJ  529      549      CW                313
Warning ! this week is possible that storms will be every day .